How to Play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits Online

We are living in the era of the internet, where everything is available online. Either shopping or eating or fun games, everything is available on the internet. After online shopping, online games come on top of the list of online activities.
Many online games are available on the internet, like racing, puzzles, cards, and board games. Spider Solitaire “”  is one of the most played online games. It has been a well-known card game for decades.


What is Solitaire?

The origin of solitaire is unclear, but according to few references, it started in the late 1700s. It is a card and domino-based tabletop game played by a single player. In simple words, a tabletop game that is usually played with cards, dominos, tiles, pegs, or stones is called solitaire.
The aim of the game is to eliminate all the cards from the table simply by turning all the face-down cards to face-up.
It is a one-player game that needs complete concentration and focus. It is also known as a good brain game. Because of the focus and attention required for playing this mind-sharpening game.

Why is Spider Solitaire so Popular?

People of all ages love this game very much. Now, it is getting more famous because of its digital versions.
You do not need to buy cards or spread them on a table to play solitaire, all you need to do is to find this on the internet, and you can play this game for free as many times in a day or a specific time as you want that depends on your mood.
It is the most played solitaire game. Solitaire is also known as “Patience.” Many people wonder what solitaire is? The difference between spider solitaire and solitaire? Why is this game called spider? How to play a solitaire game?–
This article will explain everything in detail about this game, like from where it came from? How can you play the spider solitaire 2 decks? tips to win the game and much more
So let’s dive into it.

Difference between solitaire and spider solitaire? 

The main difference between both is that in Solitaire, your focus should be only on eliminating cards from the table. But in Spider Solitaire, you need to arrange all cards in descending order from King to Ace.

How to play Spider solitaire 2 decks/suits:


It is a game of decks; in the 2 deck spider game, you have to deal with a total of 104 cards. Fifty-four of the cards are placed horizontally in 10 columns, with only one card showing that is on the top of the column.
The other fifty cards are in stock, with no one showing. So you have to eliminate them all from the tabletop.
Let’s have a quick step-by-step guide to play Spider solitaire 2
You have to create a sequence of vertices from king/queen all the way down to the ace of the same suit.
In case all of the hearts or all of the spades.
But the difference between one suit and two suits is that as you stack cards on top of each other, you are allowed to stack different colored cards, but in this particular case, you are not allowed to move the card behind the upper one.
That is why you have to be careful. As a beginner, you should try to keep all the same colored cards in a row.
Now start moving the card to the specific directed order from the king to ace, and when you are stuck in a place where you may not be able to make any new move. Click on the stock of 50 cards. You will get new ones to make further moves.
In the same way, when you complete a row of kings to ace in the same color, they will be removed automatically from the table. By doing this, again and again, you will eliminate all cards from the table and win the game.
Additional tip: while playing the spider solitaire online game, you have an option to undo any wrong move. So don’t forget to use that button.

Free online spider solitaire 2 games:

A list of free online spider games is given below that are quick and accessible by all platforms. Also, it is easy to play for everyone.

  1. solitairebliss
  2. Online-solitaire
  3. Heatfeed
  4. Solitaire100
  5. Solitr

Tips to win the spider solitaire:

If you are confused with playing or wondering about how you can win, there are some pro tips for winning this game:

  • Always start with the larger stacks
  • When you empty a spot, put a king there first
  • Keep the focus on the colors when you are moving a card
  • Click on the first deck to explore; more options is more better
  • Do not move any card just for fun

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Final words:

Solitaire is one of the best mind games ever. It improves your mind’s functionality. Also, it has many online versions available with different levels of difficulty.
You can find it easily by typing the keyword “Spider solitaire online free.” You will get thousands of websites results. So choose a simple one and play.


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