How to Get Invisible Blocks in Minecraft

How to Get Invisible Blocks in Minecraft with Commands 2023

This article will guide you on how to get invisible blocks in Minecraft. An invisible block in the Minecraft game is an item that is used to make a barricade or a barrier that other players can’t pass through. One good thing about barricades in Minecraft is that they are unbreakable. Minecraft players can use these blocks to protect a particular region from entities in the game world. Invisible blocks are simply red square blocks that have a horizontal cross on them.


This horizontal cross is what hints players not to go beyond the point of the blocks. Most of the time, these blocks are used as barriers invisible.  In the Minecraft game, barrier blocks are Indestructible and sometimes players can only bypass them with the aid of a glitch. If a player in Minecraft should ever see this glitch they should fix it immediately. Here is an actionable guide on how to get an invisible block in the Minecraft game.

This is How to Get Invisible Blocks in Minecraft

For a Minecraft player to be able to get an invisible block, the player needs to enable cheats when they first create a world. It is important to note that in Minecraft Invisible blocks can only be created with the aid of commands.

A Minecraft player would have to use a command called ”give command” for them to be able to get an invisible block.  The player will need to type in the command with a format that starts with /give first. Then the players will need to type in how many invisible blocks the ones in the command.

How to Get Invisible Blocks in Minecraft

One of the reasons why invisible blocks have more blast resistance in the Minecraft game is because they are a “cheat”. This is why they are very much indestructible.

What Are Barrier Blocks Used For in Minecraft?

Invisible blocks in Minecraft are structures that give players a safe and secure location to store their materials. If a Minecraft player wants to hide some particular tools from other players the best way to do it is to use an invisible block. You can use an invisible block to prevent another player from stealing your items. Sometimes the player also needs to worry about creepers that blow up a particular area that is important to them.


A Minecraft player can also use invisible block as a bridge walkway, Which can be used to cross Long gowns. With an invisible block acting as a bridge, a player does not need to worry about the blocks breaking while they are in the air, what matters is that they have a safe passage.

Things to be Careful of While Getting Invincible Blocks

A Minecraft player should bear in mind that invisible blocks are most times unbreakable unless there is a glitch that allows others to go through it. The moment a block is placed players will not be able to take it up unless there’s a special command meant for doing such.
Picks For Minecraft Players:

Is important that you place the blocks in a desired location and make sure that the whole area is covered. You should also Endeavour to make sure that there is at least some level of entrance to the items that have been barricaded with the invisible block.

A player can choose to have a secret entrance, or create an entrance by removing a few blocks off, so that they can reach the items they barricaded. It will be uncalled for them to lock themselves out of their own personal items in the game world.

Facts About the Invisible Block in Minecraft

Facts About the Invisible Block in Minecraft

  • In the Minecraft game world there are about three types of blocks that are invisible to a player. The three types of blocks are; the Barrier blocks, air blocks, and structure void.
  • It is with the aid of a barrier block that a “map Builder” can design a game world. For instance, they can stop players from entering a particular area or less the player is in creative mode.
  • It is also important to note that all the three types of invisible blocks in the Minecraft game are transparent.

Other Types of blocks in Minecraft

Another interesting type of invisible block in Minecraft is the structure void.  This is a structure that allows players to keep blocks instead of destroying them.  The structure void is so special because you cannot be made with a crafting table furnace. It is also available on the creative inventory menu.  A player can add a structure void to their inventory with a game command.


Invisible blocks in Minecraft are structures that are intended to not be directly visible to those that are not in control of them. This is because they are usually used for map making and other interesting purposes in the game. Despite the invisibility, there are also cases where they are actually being seen even with the major intention for them being that “they should not be seen”.


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