How to get a Voided Check from Wells Fargo

How to get a Voided Check from Wells Fargo

Void checks are simply checks that have the word “VOID” written across it. It is a check type that prevents bank customers or anyone from filling out the check and using it to process a payment.  If you want to set up a payroll deposit or an automatic payment,  a voided check from Wells Fargo is one sure-fire way to go about. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to get a voided cheque from Wells Fargo.


5 Benefits of using a Voided check from Wells Faro

There are lots of added benefits to Wells Fargo customers that want to use a Wells Fargo voided check. Here are the practical benefits of using Wells Fargo free voided check:

1. It is convenient

With a voided Wells Fargo check, your money is deposited automatically for you. Even in a scenario were you fall ill, or you are on vacation, the deposits would be processed in an automatic fashion.

2. It is fast

The wells fargo customer has immediate access to their money on the day that it is deposited.

3. It is safe

Wells Fargo bank has high-level security, both offline and online. The Wells Fargo customer does not need to worry about their voided checks getting delayed, stolen or lost.

4. Automatic saving


Another interesting fact about voided checks is that with them, you would find your savings grow when you have some part of your pay directed to savings.

5. Automatic payments

With a voided check from wells Fargo, you can use a routing number (RTN) and an account number to set up an automatic payment. This payment would be for recurring bills from your wells Fargo checking account.

How to get a voided check from your Wells Fargo checkbook

If you want to get a voide check from wells Fargo, here is how you can go about it. Get your wells Fargo check book, and remove a check from within it. Then, write “VOID” across the wells Fargo check in large letters. Ensure that you do not write over the numbers that are at the bottom of your wells Fargo check.

The best writing material to use to get a voided check from Wells Fargo is either a marker or a black pen.
Ensure that you make a copy of the voided wells Fargo check and keep it safe for records sake. You can take an extra step to scan the voided check and save it as a photo or document on your computer.

It is important to note that the banking information that is printed on a voided check can be used to set up an electronic link to withdraw funds or make payments.  Here is a breakdown of some of the basic information that you would see in a voided wells Fargo check.

  • The name of your bank
  • The routing number of your bank
  • The checking account number
  • The check number

Another thing worth noting is that a voided check can also be a canceled check. In this case this check-type cannot be accepted for payment by any payee.

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