How to Change Billing Address on Amazon

How to Change Billing Address on Amazon

Amazon is an eCommerce platform that gives you the opportunity to get items delivered to your doorstep. One interesting perk of the Amazon platform is that it allows users to change their billing addresses depending on the scenario.  In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to change your billing address on Amazon.


Difference Between Amazon Billing And Shipping Address

An Amazon billing address is an address that is linked to your preferred payment method or card. “The address” is associated with the orders you make on the platform.

On the flip side, shipping addresses the address is the address that Amazon would use to deliver your order to you. When you save your billing address, it would be saved to your card and used as a payment method on Amazon.

How Does Amazon Set Your Billing Address

The way Amazon sets your billing address is quite simple., when you add a new debit/credit card and make your first order, they would prompt you to key in your billing address. In so doing, you need to be extra careful of the details you put as your billing address.

For your first transaction on Amazon, your billing address would be used as your delivery address. So for future reference, if you want to use a new card, be sure to manually change the billing address before completing an order on Amazon.


This is How to Change Billing Address on Amazon

In a bid to change your billing address on Amazon, go to your home page and click on the person icon. The next step would be to select “Your Account” from the list of options and then scroll down to choose “Manage Payment Options”. Look for the debit/credit card in question that you want to change its billing address. Here, you would need to click on the “Edit” option.

After clicking on the “Edit” option, you would then proceed to click on “Accounts and Lists” on the Amazon page. You would have to choose “Payment options”, and on the next user interface, choose the card whose billing address needs to be changed.

On changing the billing address, you have the option of entirely removing the old one, or adding a new one to the old address.

How to Choose your Billing Address when Placing an Order

Most people might be wondering how to select a billing address on Amazon if they want to make a purchase. Here are 4 simple steps to follow if you want to select an Amazon billing address:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Select the menu user interface
  • Go ahead to select “Your Account”
  • Click On The Address.

What Address Is Shown On Your Amazon Invoice

It is important to note that every Amazon Invoice has address-related details on it. The two addresses that you can find on the invoice include; your billing address, and your shipping address. Whether they are the same or different, both would be printed separately on your Amazon order invoice.


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