How to Get Creamy Oyster

FFXIV: How to Get Creamy Oyster

One of the best in-game mechanics of the Final Fantasy XIV is the catching of the creamy oyster. This sea creature is interestingly a type of fish that can be caught inside the game world of the FFXIV.


Catching a creamy oyster is a decent side activity that is worth trying out in the game. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to catch a creamy oyster in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get a creamy Oyster in the Final Fantasy game XXIV

In the final fantasy game, it is important to note that the creamy oyster is a marine life form that can only be captured with the aid of fishing. The player would need to have a fisher that is above level 70 to be able catch the fish manually.

Anyways, if the player does not have a fisher, then they can follow the marketboard or trade with other gamers that have the creamy oyster in their possession.

If the player intends to catch the fish by themselves, there is an easy process of going about it too. It is important for the FFXIV player to note that a creamy oyster can be located in Kholusia. The gamer in this occasion would need to go to the X:8, Y: 32 at the western Khoulsaian coast and then proceed to fish in the watery hole that is there.


Where can the creamy oyster be found in the FFXIV

For the player to be able to locate a creamy oyster, there would be need for the Moyebi shrimp bait in a bid to catch the oyster. It is important to note that these oysters, can be bought from some vendors in the shadowbringers areas.

The player can get the creamy oysters in the following locations: Mord Souq, Kholusia, and Eulmore. The moment the player has the bait, it is just a matter of casting the line and waiting for the creamy oyster to bite. Also worth noting, is that there is a bit of RNG that is involved in the process of catching the oyster. There is also a huge possibility that other type of fish in the game can also spawn in the water hole.  The main use of creamy oysters in the game is for delivery quests in the crystarium. The player can opt to sell them on the marketboard at a premium if there is too much demand for it.

What is fishing like in the FFXIV game?

Fishing is a fun game that is all about catching marine animals in the game for different purposes. Fishing in FFXIV is certainly not for every gamer, especially fishing creamy oyster.

Other than the fascinating oyster fish, there other fish that is dull, very heavy on multiple layers, and frustrating. Fishing in FFXIV is one of the best experiences in the game and even tops some other savage raid clearing in-game mechanics.  In the fantasy 14 game, it is important to note that fishing is the most social skill that you would find in the game.

It is possible to spot another fisher in a fishing hole trying to catch any fish.


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