How Knowledge in Gaming Can Be Used In Studies

If you arrange a survey among your friends to find out whether they have ever played video games, the chances are high that you will get impressive results. Modern people are fond of gaming and ready to spend time on such a pastime.


Considering the fact that the modern market offers a huge number of options, everyone can find something to their liking. Nonetheless, the tremendous popularity of video games is contentious and provokes lively debates. Some claim that gaming is a sure way to degrade, while others believe it is a wonderful brain stimulator. It is difficult to say who is right, but scientists are seriously interested in the question and have conducted a wide range of studies.
How Knowledge in Gaming Can Be Used In Studies
You can come across many articles devoted to the investigation of the issue in scientific journals. If you struggle to clear up your schedule and find some free time for examining the material, you can turn to the Proessays service to meet the challenge and get your papers done on time. We’ll go deep down the question to understand how knowledge in gaming can come in handy while studying.

Improved time-management skills

When young people start playing video games, they learn how to complete certain tasks within a set time. For example, their troubleshooting skills improve on an equal par with time-management ones. Thus, if a person has developed this range of skills, they can show better results in studying. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should play around the clock to sharpen your abilities, but regular practicing will make a difference for sure. Scientists from Rochester University have proved that if you are searching for an interesting way to improve your sense of time, you can try to play games.

Improved communication skills

People are social beings, and even introverts have to interact with others. It is especially important for students to have advanced communication skills since professors often ask them to work in pairs or teams. If you are not a team player, you can find yourself in trouble. Many video games help cope with the problem and boost teamwork, so young people develop their social skills in a fun and entertaining way. Indeed, many games force players to work together to complete the task and win over their rivals, so students who practice gaming face fewer communication issues. Sometimes it is a key to obtaining high grades and enhancing general academic performance. If it is tremendously hard for you to allocate time for gaming, you can examine free tourism essay examples to find out how to complete such assignments faster.

Enhanced creativity and visual memory


Many professors want their students to think outside the box, but if a person is not used to creativity, such a task can become a real challenge. Scientists have found that gaming stimulates brain areas responsible for imagination, concentration, and having an impressive eye for detail. In other words, online games replace LEGO, Barbie and other children’s interactivities that stimulate creative thinking. Thus, adults can get back to imaginative play when gaming. Numerous experiments have shown that young people who regularly play games show much better results when it comes to completing creative tasks.

Improved critical thinking

Even though some people believe that games can only deteriorate one’s intelligence, it is not the case. On the contrary, Monterrey Institute of Technology specialists have proved that alternate reality games can contribute to critical thinking development and constant improvement. Such games become an immersive learning system that involves digital technologies, narrative, and real-world gameplay. Thus, young people learn how to look for a way out and solve issues with minimal casualties. Such qualities come in handy when students examine free essays on government and start working on other complicated assignments. The thing is that almost every video game involves a challenge, which can be represented in the form of mysteries or a set of tasks you have to complete. So, young people learn how to look at the same issue from different perspectives to find a solution.

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Improved hard skills

Video games can become a starting point for career development if a person gets interested in various technological moments. They may start learning the fundamentals of coding and ways to improve certain moments of the game. Passion is a great driving force and stimulus for further improvement. Thus, hard gaming skills can become a foundation for further professional development. Besides, even if students don’t decide to connect their lives with the gaming industry, all their knowledge may come in handy in some other spheres since we live in the digital era.

Improved leadership qualities

Most popular video games are multiplayer, so people sharpen their abilities to resolve disputes, find a common language with strangers and make decisions. Those who want to stand out from the rest and assert themselves can use the online gaming world as a training base. Whether you study in college or any other academic institution, it will never be superfluous to have advanced leadership qualities. Moreover, they will play a crucial role after graduation, so the sooner you start sharpening them, the better.


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