Dragon Age Inquisition Astrarium

Dragon Age Inquisition Astrarium Storm Coast, Puzzles, Morrin’s Outlook, Cliffs

In Dragon inquisition players choose from three different classes, which as you continue to read along with diagrams of dots, you will get more insight into those three classes.

  • Warrior: These are the swords and heavy weapons wielders who can absorb any form of damage from hostiles
  • Rogue: This is equipped once with either a dagger or bow and arrows.
  • Mage: These are the practitioners of magic in the game that cast spells on enemies.

However, all of these classes have their benefits and attributes to bto understood. A better example is rogues may favor some critical hits, but the most vital. Still, the game is majorly for the warriors. They are the ones that inflict power and some harmful damage.

A shortlist of Astrarium Located in Dragon age

The Astrium is a collection in the dragon age game. It is a device that was in the ancient days oriented by Tevinter origin
Although some other researcher has said that the  Astrarium is a cult, in Dragon, age game is a vital tool that one needs to enjoy his game till the very end.

Astrarium Puzzles

Astrarium puzzles will be set next in the South Coast, and with confidence and based on the research that has been made on it, we can say for a fact say that things are going well. At the moment, the Astrarium puzzles are getting a bit tricky for those to have the other loads of bonuses. However, right here is a quick solution on how to get each of the puzzles correctly.

Morrin’s Outlook Astrarium puzzle


The first of the region’s puzzles on the peninsula of Morrin’s outlook head up to the west coast, then it heads up to earn astern hill of the peninsula. If you can find the giant statue, you will be able to find the Astrarium.

Cliffside Astrarium puzzle

You’ll find the next puzzle on the cliffs to the west of this region. As always, refer to our diagram and start at the star marked with a 1, then work your way sequentially through the rest of the numbers.

North Astrarium puzzle

At North Astrarium, things get interesting up until the very end in the South Coast region. If, as a novice, you are possibly finding it hard to put together those dots, all you’ve got to do is, Check through the diagram below; begin at 1oneand take some time out trying to work on those numbers.
Immediately after you must have solved the puzzles, you are going to see a cave. What you should look out for in that cave is the south area. Inside it, there is a tiny chamber where you will be able to get your rewards.

Storm coast

The entrance of the cave is located southwest of the Bellitanus astrarium in Apostate’s Landing. Just right  In the exact middle of the purple area of uncertainty. Get into the cave and climb back down the ladder till you reach back to a room with lyrium veins and two chests where the storm coast Astrarium lies.

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Finally, for one to solve the puzzle, you must draw lines first, then you can begin to connect stars or dots. In this content, it has been made clear to any reader now about the Dragon age and how to solve puzzles using each of the puzzles stated above for better understanding for novice and professionals; this content bursts open their minds to easy styles to solve these puzzles correctly.

If this content helped you to realize the easy way to play and enjoy the dragon age game properly, then it is a pleasure now you know all you need to know about the exciting game which was built up in the year 2014 and is still very interesting to play.


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