Dog Slots Online 

Slot machines are one of the most played types of casino games. These games may be played online and offline and can be found in many genres, many of which involve dogs. Following are just a handful of the best slot games currently available in the dog genre – also try online blackjack.


Diamond Dogs

A canine-themed slot machine from NetEnt. The slot game is for dog-themed jewellery, as the name indicates. The reels of this glittering five-reel, twenty-five-payline slot machine are adorned with jewelled dog collars and other pet adornments. The primary symbols are a bone with a ribbon, a steak in a diamond-studded dog dish, a stylish fire hydrant, and a plush kennel, all in keeping with the concept. The three bonus symbols are all canine characters. The Chihuahua is the wild, the mutt the scatter, and the puppy with the camera is the last bonus. Numerous possibilities, such as free spins and a celebrity bonus game, are available as extra features. 

Puppy Love

Betsoft Gaming is responsible for developing this game which has a charming appearance. Its title gives away the topic: it’s all about canines. There are twenty paylines available throughout the game’s five reels and three rows. The reels are bright and colourful against a background that seems like a dog kennel. All the symbols are adorable big-eyed pups of various breeds. There are six in all, each rendered in a cartoonish but appealing fashion. A dog collar serves as the wild sign and can replace any other symbol save from the dog bowl and Puppies for Sale, which both trigger additional game features. This game offers a wealth of advantages to its players, such as Wild Free Spins, Free Spins, and a second Bonus round. Together, they help the gamer set up favourable odds of winning. 


Spike’s Nite Out

A creation of Microgaming, Spike’s Nite Out is a canine extravaganza. The game’s reels are shown on a minimalistic, living room-themed background. With just five reels and fifteen paylines, the game’s mechanics are also relatively straightforward. Even the icons have a canine theme, but with a twist: they depict a poker game played by canine characters. Some canines are seen playing cards, while others sip beer and puff on cigars. A tied cat, a dog collar, and some dog treats are some further symbols. The scatter is a Doggy Time sign, and the wild is a neon ‘Spike’s Nite Out’ logo. The bonus round is not a free-spins round but a pick-one game. To win a reward, players need just choose a dog.

Hound Hotel

The fictional Hound Hotel represents a luxurious establishment for canine guests. The hotel and its canine visitors are shown in a cartoonish style appropriate for the establishment. 

The Hound Hotel Bonus game in Microgaming’s canine-themed slot has five unique Special Wild Features. Split Wilds, one of the Special Wild Features, functions like two symbols in one. The Super Wild Reels feature is another option; it replaces the Scatter with a Wild Reel. The Super Wild Reels feature allows you the possibility of three consecutive Wild Reels.


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