Creatures of Sonaria

Top 10 Creatures of Sonaria Value List and their Abilities

Creatures of Sonaria is an interesting video game that features survival-based gameplay, where players interact with other gamers and non-player characters in a colorful environment that has biomes and a variety of creatures. In the course of this article, we will be looking at the top 10 creatures in the Sonaria game. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


1. Yeba’idi

The first best creature in Sonaria belongs to the SS-Tier. It has a heatlh status of 6300, stamina of 60, and a damage of 300. In the Creatures of Sonaria game, a Yeba’idi is a five terrestrial herbivore that is available in a Time Gacha in the game, and costs 100 hours of active gameplay. It is a quadrupedal creature in the Creatures of Sonaria, and has a similar build as the Lerachu.

2. Boreal Warden

Boreal Warden
Boreal Warden is the second-best creature in Creatures of Sonaria. It has a health status of 15,000, a stamina of 60, and damage of 75-525. This creature is a rare one and is hard to spot in Sonaria. It is important to note that Boreal Warden is a five terrestrial herbivore that was obtained during the Winter Events of 2020-2021. This creature is a Limited Event Warden species that has stored versions that are available in the Shoom shop for 5,250 shooms.

3. Gramoss

Gramoss in the Sonaria game is a Tier 5 terrestrial herbivore. It can be found in the Herbivores Gacha, and its stored version is available in the Shoom shop for 5,250 shooms. A gamer can unlock this game character by receiving 20,000 damage from other players.

4. Hellion Warden

Hellion Warden
This is a Tier 5 terrestrial omnivore. It is important to note that the Hellion Warden creature is available to the gamer, costing 250 hours of gameplay. These creatures in the game are very good parents, to the extent that they will rather starve than leave their own children.
If you are looking for a stored version of Hellion Warden, it can be bought in the Shoom Shop for 5,250.

5. Verdant Warden

Verdant Warden
In the Sonaria game, this creature is usually seen during the flowering seasons. It has a slender shape, bearing six legs and 2 arms. This herbivore has an HP of 9000, stamina of 80, and damage that ranges from 40-280.


6. Gyroudus

This creature is a huge theropod that takes the look of a Concavenator that has large spikes. The stored version of a Gyroudus is 5,250. It is important to note that a Gyroudus has health of 8000, damage of 250, and a stamina of 70.

7. Lmakosauruodon

This is another Tier 5 terrestrial herbivore in our listicle. It can be obtained from the herbivore Gacha, and from the Shoom shop for 5,250 shoom. In active game play, the Bleed defense of a Lmakosauruodon is 30%. It has a health of 8000, stamina of 70, and damage of 1000.

8. Syroudon

In the Sonaria game, Syroudon is a large aquatic predator that lurks in deep ocean ecosystems. It has a damage of 280, stamina of 60, and a health HP of 7000. In the Sonaria game, this predator is always out to feed on unsuspecting prey.

9. Ardor Warden

Ardor Warden
Ardor Warden is yet another interesting creature that can be found in the Sonaria game. It has a health status of 6500, and a stamina of 60 alongside damage that ranges from 100-700.

10. Sar’Hingaro

Last on our list is Sar’Hingaro. This creature in the Sonaria game hails from a harsh planet that is known as Daimon. According to Wiki Fandom, Sar’Hingaro arrived this planet through a one-way wormhole. This creature has a damage of 500 alongside stamina of 60.


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