Bantam Melon Location

Bantam Melon Location God Of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarök is a critically acclaimed game that has captivated players around the world. It is a game that features an expansive and immersive world full of hidden secrets. For starters, one of these secrets lies in the power of the bantam melon ingredient. As you explore the three realms of Alfheim, Midgard, and Helheim, you will be able to find this powerful ingredient. In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly the bantam melon is, why it’s so important in God of War Ragnarök, as well as provide detailed instructions on how to locate it in each realm. We’ll also give you tips on harvesting it effectively and link to additional resources for finding it in-game. So let’s take a closer look at this powerful ingredient!


What is Bantam Melon Ingredient?

The bantam melon is a rare and powerful ingredient found in God of War Ragnarök. It is used in the crafting of various weapons and armor sets, making it an invaluable resource for any aspiring warrior. The bantam melon can be found growing wild in several locations throughout the game, most notably Alfheim and Midgard.

The bantam melon has a distinct green-and-yellow striped pattern, making it much easier to spot among other ingredients. This pattern is quite unique compared to other harvested ingredients, so even if you’ve never seen a bantam melon before, you’ll be able to identify it quickly. With its vibrant colors and distinctive shape, the bantam melon stands out from the crowd!

In addition to being found naturally growing in the wild, the bantam melon can also be harvested from certain enemy corpses. In some cases, these enemies will drop multiple pieces of this ingredient at once, allowing players to collect more than they need for one crafting job. However, it should be noted that harvesting this ingredient from enemy corpses can often be dangerous as these foes are usually very powerful and well-armed.

Where to find the Bantam Melon in God of War Ragnarök


In God of War Ragnarök, the bantam melon ingredient can be found in multiple locations throughout the three realms. In Midgard, players can find a chest containing the bantam melon in the Foothills, which is accessible through a hidden entrance. The entrance to the Foothills is located north of Alfheim Tower in Midgard and requires a special key to unlock it. Inside, players will find a Nornir chest containing one bantam melon ingredient.

In addition to finding bantam melons in chests and hidden areas, players should also keep an eye out for Revenant enemies scattered throughout Midgard and Alfheim. These enemies have a chance to drop one bantam melon when defeated. Players should also search for red crystals that contain bantam melons when journeying through Helheim.

Finally, players can take part in the Muspelheim Trials and acquire rewards, which include a single bantam melon ingredient upon completion of each trial. To access these trials, heroes must first collect four Muspelheim keys from different parts of Midgard and then travel to Sigrun’s Temple in Tyr’s Temple’s Hallway to gain access. Once inside, players can complete five increasingly difficult challenges with varying rewards at each level until they reach Level 6 – Valkyrie Queen – where they are rewarded with one single Bantam Melon Ingredient upon completion.

By exploring all of these locations and completing all challenges within them, players will have no trouble amassing an ample supply of Bantam Melon Ingredients needed for crafting powerful weapons and armor sets in God of War Ragnarök!


As stated earlier, the bantam melon ingredient in God of War Ragnarök can be found in three realms: Alfheim, Midgard, and Muspelheim. To successfully locate the bantam melon in-game, players must use a combination of Atreus’s “Focus” ability, exploring chests located in the Foothills in Midgard, and completing the Muspelheim Trials. Finding the bantam melon ingredient in God of War Ragnarök requires some exploration but is well worth it due to its unique properties.

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