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No Tell Motel Cyberpunk Location

One of the best action role playing games out there is Cyberpunk 2077. An interesting challenge that gamers face is finding the location of the “No Tell Motel”. This motel features secrets, treasures and thrilling experiences for players to uncover. As stated earlier, finding the location of the No Tell Motel can be challenging, and that is why we prepared this guide for you.


Short Answer

For a start, the No Tell Motel is located in the Watso district of Night city. It is surrounded by allure, making it a favorite for gamers for its hidden secrets, and potential loot. In the course of your gameplay, you can visit the Cyberpunk 2077 No Tell Motel a few times. It is important to note that the No Tell Motel is located at Kabuki. When the player is done completing the mission called “The Heist”, a meeting with Dex will happen. If the player did everything correctly as instructed by Meredith Stout in the course of the Pickup quest, you will get a message from her. This message will ask you to meet her at the No Tell Motel location.

The reward in question is a one-night stand. If you get the message, but don’t know the location, you should select the Kabuki Central fast travel point and there you will see the No Tell Motel on the street exactly opposite to your location.  

Things to do Before Looking For The No Tell Motel Cyberpunk Location

Here are a few things that a gamer can do before looking for the location of the No Tell Motel in Cyberpunk 2077:


Scouring The City

Before you set out to look for the No Tell Motel, it is best you familiarize yourself with the Night City’s layout and landmarks. As you go through the cities bustling streets, keep an eye out for details that can act as a landmark leading to the hotel.

Going Into Online Communities

The gaming community has a lot of players that share their indulgence online. This is why one of the things worth doing before looking for the location of the No Tell Motel is to head to gaming online communities. With Reddit threads, and forum posts, you can find invaluable information that can boost your search for the Cyberpunk No Tell Motel location. It is important to note that there are gamers who are willing to share their experiences, screenshots, and tips online.


It won’t be wrong to assert that the No Tell Motel is a hidden gem within the Cyberpunk 2077 video game, waiting to be uncovered. In order to find this elusive location, you need a blend of research, a dash of intuition and exploration. With the guide above, any Cyberpunk gamer, or enthusiast can easily find the location of the No Tell Motel. This motel is a part of night city that has a disneyland effect on gamers. The tagline that Night city was known for in Cyberpunk 2077 is “the city of dreams”. This is because the gamers used real-life city planners, and real estate developers, in designing the game.


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