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7 Advantages of Using Online PDF Combiner

Many people utilize PDFs for their document saving, whether for personal use, business, or education. But, sometimes, problems may occur when they preserve all of the scattered PDF files in a single folder. Accessing a specific document from there would be challenging. It is crucial to maintain the files that have the same topic. 


Combining all the files using a PDF file combiner will simplify the opening without wasting time searching for them. To combine PDFs means a process for combining two or multiple PDF files into a single PDF document.

Every business, industry, and person has different needs for merging PDF files. Still, the goal is always the same: a PDF document that is easily shared, accessible, organized, and manageable. The easiest way for this issue is to go for a PDF merger/combiner tool. In this case, this tool will be an essential part of helping their work. Internet serves two options for those who want to do the combining. 

Those are; online and offline. The online PDF file combiner is helpful for those who wish to combine or merge PDF files quickly. On the other hand, an offline PDF file combiner offers more advanced features, which are usually not free.

This article will discuss the main benefits of using an online PDF combiner and how to combine PDF files online. Before going further, here are the seven advantages users can get directly:

1. It is Free

Using an online PDF combiner tool is 100% free. It costs users nothing except for the internet connection. Users are allowed to merge as many documents as desired. Most importantly, users don’t have to pay for membership or subscriptions. 

To have a free merge PDF, users don’t need to create any accounts. Moreover, to combine PDFs online, users only have to go to the online PDF combiner websites, and they may enjoy all the benefits offered by the platform. Adobe, as the first platform introduced to PDF, also provides an online PDF combiner besides the offline one.

2. Installation is not needed.

The other benefit of using an online PDF Combiner is that users don’t need to go through any installation for the process. Instead of downloading and installing software, users can save time by doing everything online. After a few clicks, the merging process is done in a second. Once again, to merge PDFs online, the most crucial thing needed is only an internet connection. Of course, the speed of the internet connection becomes the most powerful thing in the process. Therefore, users need the best internet connection to merge the files at their best time.


3. The process is secure.

Using an online PDF combiner is usually safe and reliable, as the document uploaded will be deleted automatically from the servers after some time. The process of deleting will minimize document theft from unauthorized people. Some platforms will delete it within an hour, while others within 12 hours or more. It depends on which platform the users choose.

4. All devices can access it.   

Online PDF Combiners are commonly accessible for any device. Users can easily access the platform everywhere with a different browser or any operating system of the devices they have. It is even effortless to merge the PDF files on iPhone or Android-based devices rather than on a PC without installing any app. As it is online, users can do the merging everywhere as long as they have a device and an internet connection in their hand.

5. It maintains the document quality.

Using an online PDF combiner, users don’t need to worry about the degradation of the result’s quality. The quality will remain the same. Moreover, The PDF merger tools produce high-quality, high-resolution PDF documents in standard A4 format.

6. It is easy to use.

The interface of an online PDF combiner is straightforward; hence users can manage it very easily without any guidance from anyone. Commonly, the tools are convenient even for those who didn’t use to operate a computer or any operating system. Just follow the simple procedure. In a second, users will have their files merged perfectly. The interface is very user-friendly and straightforward, enabling users to follow the guidelines without difficulties.

7. It manages large files.

With the help of a PDF online combiner, users can merge them quickly, even if they have a large file. The work of combining multiple files into one PDF and storing and reviewing them becomes very easy. The process is done only by adding the large files and merging them—no matter how large the files the users have.

How to merge PDF files online?

The skill of combining PDF files online is not rocket science to understand, just like Adobe which provides its platform features for combining PDFs online and offline. Commonly, the online process of any platform is almost the same. The process only includes a few steps, which should be easy for everyone to understand. Follow these simple steps to combine the PDF files into one merged file.

  • Click the Select files button, then drag and drop the files selected into the drop zone.
  • Rearrange the files in desired order depending on the users’ need
  • Hit the “merge files” option
  • Wait until the process is done. Then users can download the new merged PDF.
  • Users can share the files or organize individual pages, but they must sign in first.

Managing a lot of the files organized in the device is not easy. Therefore, merging all the files with the same topic is essential. The online PDF Combiners are pretty handy for helping its users manage their files. So after knowing all the benefits of using it, it’s time for users to decide which one to use.


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