WoW Character Lookup

How To Lookup Character In WoW (WoW Character Lookup)

Here is how to look up world of warcraft characters. Like you already know, ‘World of Warcraft’ is an exciting game that features gameplay that is thrilling and somewhat addictive. All thanks to the characters in the game, WoW is one of the games that are worth binge-playing. Most gamers might be wondering, how can they look up a character in WoW. Well, we’ve got you covered. In the course of this article, we will be giving you a complete WoW Character Lookup guide. Let’s delve in.


WoW Character Lookup Guide

How To Lookup Character In WoW

In a bid to lookup a character in WoW, the gamer needs to make use of the search bar. The search bar in question is the one on the official WoW site, where you can find all the characters in the game. In the standard WoW game, only the achievements and gears are available. However, the Avatars of the WoW characters can be searched for, and used to find the gears that they are using. To find the servers the characters are from, you can use the URL.

It is important to note that in your character lookup in the WoW game, you need to use case sensitivity. Use the exact character name in the WoW search bar to avoid errors. The reason for this is that many users have similar character names in the World of Warcraft game.


In your search, the moment you click on the “WoW character”, a new page will open up. From then on, you can investigate the gear, battle pet slots, achievements, and other details related to the WoW character.

WoW Character Search Guide

wow character search

It is possible to search for WoW character in your team and find many other players with exact names. This suggests that most WoW gamers are not creative with their names. All the same, the search functionality on the WoW website is pretty straightforward. As stated earlier, ensure that you key in the name of the WoW character as you see it.

If your WoW characters are missing, follow the steps elucidated below:

  • On the right side of the character select screen, scroll down with the scroll bar.
  • Click on the “change realm” option to see the realms your wowhead character contain so that you choose a different realm.
  • It is possible to be logged into the wrong game region. In light of this, choose a different account from the dropdown above the “Play” option in the app.
  • The WoW gamer can also be logged into the wrong app. In light of this, choose a different account and log back in with the correct email address.

If your WoW characters are missing, you can also check out the developers via their official Twitter Handle- BlizzardCS. Also worth noting is that if you have been absent from WoW for a long time, you will need to refresh your WoW character stats. To do this:

  • Choose the realm the WoW characters were on
  • Create a new character on that realm in order to refresh your character list
  • Go on to exit the game and then delete your Cache folder.

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