What Episode Does Naruto Fight Sasuke

All 3 Episode that Naruto Fight Sasuke Eplained – Naruto vs Sasuke

Sasuke and Naruto are the two most popular characters in the Naruto animation. The battle between Naruto and Sasuke is referred to as “The Final Battle”. So, what episode is Naruto vs Sasuke? Well, in the course of this article, we will be looking at the episode where Naruto and Sasuke fought each other.


What Episode Does Naruto Fight Sasuke?

what episode is naruto vs sasuke
The fight between Naruto and Sasuke took place between episodes 476 and 478 of Naruto Shippuden. It is important to note that the battle between Sasuke and Naruto is the final battle in Naruto Shippuden. In the course of the animation, Naruto wants to stop Sasuke from making the wrong choice of killing the five kage, and going on to dominate the world. However, in this battle Naruto, makes use of his powers of kurama which is the nine tails while Sasuke uses his perfect susanoo, which he managed to awaken after taking ltachi’s eyes.
Both characters in the animation make use of the sage of six path’s powers that they got from Hagoromo Otsutsuki. In the animation, both characters are equally matched. It is important to note that Naruto had no intention of killing Sasuke, while Sasuke on the other hand was fighting with killer intent.

Where The Battle Between Naruto VS Sasuke Took Place


The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke took place in the “Final Valley”. These were the same location where Naruto fought against his best friend at 1. Sasuke appeared before Naruto as an enemy Ninja wanting revenge on the ninja world. The reason for this was because of the effect of the cycle of hatred. In this regard, Sasuke wanted to kill all the tailed beasts, alongside all the five kage, and become the sole powerhouse in a world where everything will be according to the ideology of Sasuke.

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Why Did The Battle Between Naruto And Sasuke Take Place?

It is important to know that this battle between Naruto and Sasuke took place because Naruto was trying to save Sasuke from a dark fate. His best friend Sasuke betrayed his village, Konoha Village, after he killed innocent people.
The target of Naruto was to make Sasuke quit all the evil, and darkness. Naruto wanted Sasuke to live the life of a worthy ninja.

What Went Down In The Fight Between Naruto And Sasuke?

Sasuke and Naruto’s fight was a long battle that made both characters show off their full powers. One interesting thing is that this final battle is the most epic battle than other battles that came before it.
When the battle starts, Naruto tells Sasuke that he will have to kill him in the course of the fight. Naruto also goes on to tell Sasuke not to expect any other outcome after how far they have come.
Sasuke’s response to Naruto is that what Naruto said is just a repeat of what was said before he was killed.
The major difference in this final battle is that Naruto learnt the truth for himself. As the battle goes on, Naruto goes on to transform into a tailed beast, while Sasuke goes into perfect susanoo transformation.


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