Borders In Stellaris

The 5 Best Ways To Expand Borders In Stellaris

One of the best strategy games with a galactic narrative is Stellaris. Some of the major intricacies of the game is border expansion and fights with rival empires. However, this article will give you a practical guide on how to expand borders in Stellaris.


Reasons To Expand Borders In Stellaris 

As stated earlier, expanding the empire and gaining galactic control is the major goal in the Stellaris game. In the Stellaris game, the border is where the gamer can establish their colonies. As the player spots attractive planets but lacks the resources to attract them, he would need to expand borders. It is important to note that in the past, the expansion of borders used to happen automatically. However, with updates in the game, a lot changed.

1. Expanding Border with Starbase Outposts

For a gamer to expand borders in Stellaris they need to build a starbase outpost in the desired systems. This can be done with the construction ship, where the gamer will survey the system and establish an outpost to bring it into the needed borders.

With your outposts, you can limit the entry points of enemies, and secure your empire. 

2. Expanding Through War

One of the best ways to achieve in-game success in Stellaris is via competitive combat. Whenever a gamer defeats enemies, they swallow their empires and incorporate their systems.

3. Using Late Game Challenges: Crisis and Ascension Perks


As the Stellaris game progresses the gamer might face unique in-game challenges that will impact his/her galactic efforts. This might require some effort to overcome. This is where ascension perks come in. They are approaches that can help a gamer to improve their expansion strategy. In order to succeed, you should choose ascension perks that align with your goals. Some ascension perks can enhance your colonization efforts, while others can strengthen the military capacity of the player.

4. Being Flexible In Strategy

The Stellaris game is not as easy as it is portrayed. All the playthroughs in the game comes with different opportunities, opponents, and challenges. You need to be flexible in your gaming strategy in order to succeed. Learn to adjust your strategy based on the evolving galactic landscape.

5. Other Expansion Tricks Worth Trying

In the Stellaris game, there are other border expansion tricks worth trying. A gamer can  use vassals and feudal perks to expand their territory. It is important to note that this approach complements outpost building and warfare.

Choosing the Best Method For Expansion

Being a successful gamer at Stellaris requires lots of strategies. When you follow the part of peaceful expansion, you conserve resources. With the approach of warfare, you burn up resources. The most efficient way to expand your borders in the Stellaris game is to use warfare.

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For a gamer to successfully expand their borders in Stellaris, they need a multi-faceted approach that includes colonization, building outposts, waging war and making informed decisions.


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