Use CB Radio Fortnite Locations

5 Use CB Radio Fortnite Locations and How to Find Them All

One of the  Foreshadowing challenge sets requires players to use CB Radio in Fortnite. Meanwhile, finding the radio location is where the difficulty is. Now, let’s show you the 5 CB Radio Fortnite locations to help you complete the challenge.
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has announced a bunch of all-new features in the game, which makes it a special season. Interacting with the radio will reveal some alien residing in a particular location. While introducing the new Wild Week theme, the latest update of the game added some new challenge sets, including the Foreshadowing.
In this latest challenge, Epic says to “use CB radio,” but this is a pretty vague directive, as are actually five CB radios you’ll need to use. Here’s where you can find CB radios in Fortnite to complete this Foreshadowing Quest and continue the extraterrestrial storyline.


Here are the 5 Use CB Radio Fortnite Locations


1. Northeast of Steamy Stacks
The first CB Radio location
The first CB Radio location is at the Northeast of Steamy Stacks. Players will need to go to the Radio Tower and search for CB Radio nearby. will reveal significant details regarding aliens and ask players to cease all communications with the aliens.
2. East of Craggy Cliffs
Location of the second radio
Location of the second radio is at the East of Craggy Cliffs (between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs). Interacting with this CB Radio opens up a discussion between Mari and Turk regarding animals that have alien-like abilities.
3. North of Stealthy Stronghold
the third CB Radio
Players can find the third CB Radio near the Lighthouse, north of Stealthy Stronghold. Interacting with this specific radio will reveal that an alien has been residing on the island for years.

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4. North of Catty Corner
The fourth CB Radio
The fourth CB Radio can be found just north of Catty Corner. There is a little shack in the lap of the hills that has a table right next to it.
Players can see the radio once they drop by at this location. Interacting with this CB Radio will repeat the details of the animals that closely resemble aliens.
5. West of Slurpy Swamp
The fifth CB Radio location
The fifth CB Radio location is at the Shanty Town located left to the Slurpy Swamps. There is a small island just off the coast where TNTina used to spawn. Edging close to the island will reveal the final CB Radio. Interacting with the last CB Radio will ask players to reveal the location of Mari who hosts the alien show.


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