Unrivaled Fortnite: Exploring the Dominance and Diversity of its Battle Royale Mode

Fortnite is a very popular game that has made a real breakthrough in the field of the Battle Royal genre. The game is already about 5 years old, and it remains popular and virtually irreplaceable. Fortnite has no worthy competitors that can compete with it.


This game has a very stable online presence and has been able to develop a loyal fan base. Moreover, there are more and more fans of the game every year. Moreover, the game has many opportunities for players to quickly develop. If players do not want to do this on their own, they can buy vbucks from boosting companies and spend time in the game only for their pleasure. But what else attracts players to this game? Let’s look at what the main competitive mode of the Fortnite game can please players with at the moment.

Battle Royal

The genre itself gained popularity thanks to Fortnite. Yes, there was originally a game called PUBG, but at some point, it disappeared from the news, and few people are interested in it now. Proof of this can be seen online on the streaming platform Twitch, where the game as a whole gets around 14,000 viewers, compared to Fortnite’s 300,000. Every player can look statistic of streamers and they will be surprised. Indeed, Fortnite simply removed PUBG from its pedestal and became the standard in its genre that everyone is trying to emulate.

Different characters

Every year, Fortnite looks more and more like a live-action adaptation of the film Ready Player One. Any player can choose the skin he likes and play as his favorite character in numerous mini-modes. For example, you can choose Deadpool and go into battle to get the opportunity to take the top 1 among players who will be equal to you in terms of playing skills. This is a great opportunity to have the most enjoyable gaming experience possible, thanks to Fortnite’s efforts to create a competitive environment.


Building modes

If you don’t know how to play, you can’t be sent into that match where there will be players who are more experienced and one-shot kills. This gives everyone a chance to have a good time in the game. Don’t forget that Battle Royal is not the only game mode, but is divided into several mini-modes depending on what exactly you want to do in the game. If you do not want to engage in construction, and this is a very complex mechanic that requires good concentration and a certain level of skill so that at a certain moment you can build the desired structure, then you can go to a mode called Zero Build. There is no way to build anything or extract resources there at all. This may appeal to those gamers who value the ability to shoot. Even if a person does not know how to shoot, then in a regular Battle Royal he will be able to build an impenetrable fortress, and thanks to the function of modifying structures, it will be possible to outwit the enemy and kill the enemy unnoticed.

Battle Pass

It’s worth mentioning the Battle Pass, which allows players to try out new skins by completing easy challenges. At the moment, there is a season in which Peter Griffin will be available for the 100th level of the battle pass. Moreover, in the game, he looks very solid. He was given an athletic body, which allowed him to move so easily on the battle royal fields. If we think from the point of view of a voluntary-compulsory monetization scheme, then in fact this is not entirely true. If you have the PVE (story) mode of Fortnite, then you will be able to accumulate the required number of V-Bucks, for which you can purchase the Battle Pass. This reminds us why this game is called the most accessible (according to many publishers on YouTube). It is free (on all platforms) and there is nothing forcing gamers to invest real money into it. Let’s just say that the Battle Pass gives more incentive to jump in and play, but it’s not the main reason to do so. The Battle Pass allows you to expand your character’s customization and make it unique. You can have a Deadpool skin, but at the same time have a cute backpack with a cat on the back, which is not related to the character’s theme at all. This is why Fortnite is valued because it provides great variability, which is not found in many other similar projects. In addition to the Zero Build mode, the game features Team Rumble. It’s even easier than Zero Build, as it allows you to constantly respawn without the fear that if you get killed, you’ll have to look for a new match. The team with the most kills wins here. We figured out that Fortnite is accessible to absolutely everyone, both in terms of finances and skills.

Fortnite has every conceivable mode and feature for this genre. Despite the cheerful graphic design, the player can get any emotions from participating in matches, have an interesting time with friends, and simply admire the riot and war of all against all taking place on the screen. It’s worth playing, especially if the user is a fan of Battle Royale.


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