eSports and achieve success

Try yourself in eSports and achieve success: tips for beginners

eSports is a competition on the platforms of various video games where players can fight individually or in a team. Championships are broadcast to a wide audience via the Internet online. You can watch them and place a bet on our e-sport portal – PLAY-score, there are always the most relevant and interesting news, tournaments. To understand how to get into e-sports, you need to know its features, study all the nuances and “pitfalls” of this type of activity.


What do the masters play?

If you want to try your hand at eSports, then it is important to decide on the games. This is a whole universe, consisting of a variety of genres and directions. But it is easy to single out the main disciplines on which you can start to get your hands on it.

For example, relatively fresh Valorant will come to fans of lively FPS if you are bored with the same Overwatch. In addition, a tour is planned for the current year – you can’t miss it!

Also the biggest and coolest League of Legends with a huge player base. It always hosts many competitions. Of course, there is great competition here, but, as they say, no one forbids trying.

Where without Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? There is no such player who would not spend at least one skating rink in this game. There are also more than enough events for it: there is always a chance to take part in a regional tournament or try your luck in a sponsored championship.

DOTA 2, first of all, attracts players with record cash prizes in all esports tournaments. What do you need, right?


Let’s not forget our beloved STARCRAFT II. It is more difficult with it, because, most often, not teams take part, but single players. Such championships are for great enthusiasts.

You can list the games for a long time, we discussed the most popular ones. What’s next?

How to fuel esports enthusiasm

You can achieve the most pleasant playability with the help of eSports devices. Let someone say that all these are conventions, but playing matches with setups designed specifically for the pros is a real pleasure!

What to pay attention to? Steelseries devices are of high quality, but their prices are above average, which is not always acceptable. Many esports players choose Varmilo keyboards, and for good reason: unusual design, good materials, top switches, and relative affordability make them very popular. Small but quite successful, Xtrfy has a line of cool retro gadgets. Everything is done at the highest level and, with typical Swedes, conciseness.

The main thing is motivation

Otherwise, the most important part of preparation is hard training, watching matches, and a clear understanding of your goal. Do you want to join the esports crowd? Be persistent, enterprising, and learn to accept defeat with dignity. Because, despite all the goodies, this is a harsh and competitive sport in which you have to fight for success.


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