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All Troll Locations In God Of War Ragnarok

In God of War Ragnarok, one of the most important relics is the Mystical Heirloom. The capital job of this relic is to wake up trolls. How can you wake up Trolls, and engage them in a boss fight if you do   not know where the trolls are located? This is why this article, is dedicated to unveiling all Troll locations in God of War Ragnarok. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Midgard Troll location- Blodugr Steinn

The first troll location that a gamer will encounter in the God of War Ragnarok game is Midgard. To get there, you have to go towards the southern part of Lake Nine. The game character should follow the path that is bottom right to see a chain that rises up to the blacksmith’s shop.

Beyond the blacksmith’s shop is a Derelict Outpost.  On the right-hand side, you will find the first troll in GoW. Walk up to the troll statue and use the Mystical Heirloom to awaken it.

Alfheim Troll location-Bjarg Stormr

The second location where a gamer can see a troll in GoW is at Alfheim. Alfheim can be found in the Forbidden Sands desert wasteland which reveals itself to you when you open the blue symbol rune locks.


When at the western part of the Forbidden Sands dessert, you will find a small arena with the Troll statue of Bjarg Stormr. On reaching this troll location, Kratos will have to use his Mystical Heirloom to awaken the troll statue.

Vanaheim Troll location – Golrab of the Ashes and Golrab of the Frost

The third and last troll location in GoW is at Vanaheim. This location is where you will indulge in a dual boss fight after awakening both the Golrab of the Ashes and the Golrab of the frost. To get to this location, you have to head to the River Delta in Vanaheim, then follow the river to place known as Noatun’s Garden.  The two troll statues are easy to locate here. These two statues are not hidden- there are literally standing like guards by the side of the door.

In this boss fight, it might seem hard for Kratos to beat both of these trolls. For a start, the Blue Frost Troll is resistant to the Leviathan Axe of Kratos. Coming to your Chaos Blades, the Red Ash Troll statue is resistant to it. To succeed in this boss fight, use the Axe for the Red Ash Troll, and Chaos Blades for the Frost Troll. While dealing with one troll in combat, stay away from the other troll. When one troll is down, then turn your full attention to the other troll.


It is important to note that for each troll that you kill,a Slumber Stone will be dropped, alongside other general awards. With the Slumber stones gotten from killing the trolls, you can then craft the much-needed Steinbjorn armour. This is one of the best armour with good stats for defence in GoW. You can craft an entire armour set with the Slumber Stones.


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