Corners in EA FC 24

The Easiest Way to Score From Corners in EA FC 24

So you’ve worked hard to earn a corner kick in EA FC 24 and now you want to make the most of this scoring opportunity. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Scoring from corners in EA FC 24 is actually pretty straightforward once you know the tricks. The key is picking the right type of cross or pass to get the ball into a dangerous area, then having your teammates in the optimal positions to get on the end of it. With a little practice, you’ll be bending it like Beckham and heading it home in no time. Read on to unlock the secrets of how to score from corners nearly every time in EA FC 24. By the end of this, you’ll have your opponents shaking in their boots every time your team earns a corner.


Why Scoring From Corners Is So Important in EA FC 24

Scoring from corners is crucial in EA FC 24. Corner kicks create dangerous scoring opportunities, and converting them gives you a huge advantage.

Perfecting Your Corner Kick Technique

To score from corners, you need to master the corner kick. Aim for the area just outside the 6-yard box, slightly in front of the near post. Bend the ball inwards using the outside of your foot. Practice the timing and placement against different defensive formations to get a feel for what works.

Picking the Right Target

Look for teammates making runs into the box, especially those unmarked or in space. Strikers and center backs are always good targets. If possible, kick the ball to the area in front of the goal so your teammates have an easy header or volley. Be unpredictable – switch up your targets and the type of ball you play to keep the defense guessing.

Executing the Perfect Header or Volley

To head the ball in, aim for the side netting or just under the crossbar. Keep your eyes on the ball, time your run, and make solid contact with your forehead. For a volley, let the ball drop and strike it just as it’s bouncing up. Aim low and to the sides of the goal.

Scoring from corners takes practice. Work with your teammates, perfect your technique, pick the right targets, and execute precise headers and volleys. Do that, and you’ll be scoring from corners in no time and dominating your EA FC 24 matches.

Choosing the Right Players to Take Corners

When it comes to scoring from corners, choosing the right players to take the kick is crucial.

  • Look for players with high crossing and free kick accuracy. Players like Kevin De Bruyne, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and David Beckham are ideal. They have a proven track record of delivering perfect balls into the box.
  • Consider players who can bend the ball. Players able to curve the ball around defenders and into dangerous areas are extremely valuable. Someone like Lionel Messi would be perfect here with his ability to whip the ball.
  • Don’t ignore players with power and height. While accuracy is important, you also want players who can drive corners into the box with pace, giving defenders little time to react. Target men like Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos or Virgil van Dijk are great for this as they can also attack the ball in the air.
  • Choose players who link up well together. If you have a few players who connect often on corners, use them! Familiarity breeds success. Dynamic duos like Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge or Harry Kane and Dele Alli would thrive in this situation.

By selecting players with the proper attributes and chemistry, you’ll have the best chance of your corners resulting in goals. Run a few practice corners in training to determine which players combine the best. And once you’ve figured it out, stick with them – with the right players taking your corners, you’ll be scoring from set pieces in no time.

Perfecting Your Corner Kicking Strategy

To score more goals from corners in EA FC 24 Tournaments, you need to perfect your corner kicking strategy. Here are some tips to help you bend it like Beckham:

Choose the Right Kicker

Select a player with high crossing, curve, and free kick accuracy attributes to take your corners. Players like David Beckham, Kevin De Bruyne, and Trent Alexander-Arnold are ideal for delivering dangerous corners into the box. Their ability to curve and bend the ball will make it much harder for the keeper and defenders to clear.

Aim for the Near Post

corners aimed at the near post often catch keepers off guard, as they’re expecting crosses to the far side of the goal. Aim your corner just inside the near post, about 5-10 feet high. This makes it difficult for the keeper to reach and for defenders to head clear. With the right amount of curve and dip, you’ll find the back of the net more often than not.

Call a Second Player Over

Call a second kick taker over to stand next to the corner flag. This gives the opponent something else to think about and creates uncertainty in their defense. You can play a short corner to the second player, have them cross the ball in, or dummy the pass and take the corner yourself. The element of surprise will work in your favor.

Mixing up your corner kick strategy by alternating between the near post, far post and bringing a second player over will keep your opponent guessing. With the perfect combination of kicker, curve and placement, you’ll be scoring directly from corners in no time. Keep practicing and don’t be afraid to change things up—your opponent will never know what’s coming next!


Defending Against Corners in EA FC 24

Defending corners in EA FC 24 requires focus and practice. The attacking team has a numbers advantage in the box, so defending well comes down to positioning, marking and anticipation.

Position Your Defenders

Place one defender on each of the front and back posts. Have another defender stand about 5 yards in front of the goal line to intercept any balls coming across the face of goal. Your tallest defenders should man-mark the opposition’s biggest aerial threats.

Mark Tightly

Stand goal-side of your mark and track them closely. Don’t give them space to run onto a ball or elevate to win a header. Get tight to their body and put your arm across their back to feel where they’re going. If they make a run near post or far post, follow them and call for help from your teammates.

Anticipate the Delivery

Watch how the kick taker is lining up the ball. If they look like they’re going to drive it into the box, prepare to head it away. If it looks like an out-swinger, the far post defenders need to attack the ball. For in-swingers, the near post needs to clear it. Be on your toes and expect the unexpected – the taker could play it short or low instead of swinging it in. React quickly!

Clear Your Lines

If the ball comes into the box, the priority is getting it away from danger. Blast it upfield with a header or volley – don’t take risks trying to control it or pass it out from the back. Your defenders at the edge of the box should attack the ball to head it before the opposition get a chance. Clearance over style here – just get rid!

Defending corners requires organization, communication and a willingness to put your head in where it hurts. Stay tight, anticipate deliveries and clear the ball decisively. Do this, and you’ll stop the opposition from gaining an advantage from their corners. Keep practicing – defending set pieces is a skill, and the more you do it the more effective you’ll become.

Top Tips and Tricks for Scoring Corners in EA FC 24

When playing EA FC 24, scoring from corners can be challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to help you bend it like Beckham and put more balls in the back of the net.

Aim for the Near Post

The keeper usually guards the far post and center of the goal during corners, leaving the near post exposed. Aim curling shots to the near post, especially if you have a player making a run to meet the ball. The keeper won’t have time to react and you’ll sneak one in.

Call a Player Short

Calling a player short by pressing L1/LB pulls a teammate toward you to receive a short pass. Defenders expect you to cross the ball into the box, so playing it short surprises them. Pass to your teammate making the short run, then cross the ball into the box where you now have an open man to attack the goal.

Use a High Cross

Putting loft on the ball with a high cross by holding R1/RB makes it difficult for keepers to come out and catch the ball. Aim for the back post and look for a teammate making a run to get on the end of the cross with a header. High crosses lead to goals, especially if you have aerial threats in your squad.

Pass and Move

The key to scoring from corners is movement and causing chaos in the box. Don’t just cross the ball in and hope for the best. Once you’ve crossed the ball, immediately move your players around by manually controlling them. Pass and move into open space to get on the end of knockdowns or loose balls. Constantly switching between players pulls defenders out of position and opens up scoring chances.

Using these tips for corners in EA FC 24 can lead to more goals and help swing tight matches in your favor. Practice and be patient—you’ll be scoring from set pieces in no time!


So there you have it, the easiest ways to score from corners in EA FC 24. With a little practice, you’ll be curling them in and heading them home in no time. The key is picking a strategy that works for your style of play and sticking with it. Keep at it, be patient through the misses, and celebrate those goals when they start coming. Before you know it, you’ll have corner kicks down to an art and your opponents will dread seeing that little red arrow pop up on the screen. Now get out there and start bending it like Beckham! With these tips in your arsenal, those corners will be anything but routine.


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