Temtem Tier list

Temtem Tier list 2024: Strongest Temtem and Competitive Ones Ranked

This is our Temtem Tier list ranked among the Strongest Temtem and Competitive Ones. When the Temtem game was launched, it was widely accepted by a lot of gaming communities. With most constant updates, the game is becoming increasingly better. It can be considered to be a solid pokemon competitor. This is good for anyone that does not own a Nintendo switch. It is a powerful blend of old ideas and new ones at large.


In the course of this article, we would be going through the list of Temstems characters in the game according to their Tiers.

The S Tier of the TemTem Tier List 2024

This is the most popular and most powerful tier that you would get in the game. There is no much difference between the S tier and the A tier in the Temtem game. Here is the list of game characters that you would find in the S tier of the Temtem game.

  • Gyalis
  • Anahir
  • Mudrid
  • Valorend
  • Kinu
  • Pigepic

List of game characters that belong to the A tier of the Temtem game

Another interesting choice of game characters to make is off the A tier. With this particular tier, the player is more likely to win than most tiers in the game. This tier is only second to the S tier in terms of player quality.


If you pick from this tier too much, the player is likely not to suffer too much.

Here is a list of characters that you would find in the A Tier.

  • Myx
  • Kalebyss
  • Raize
  • Sparzy
  • Ukama
  • Raican
  • Tuvine
  • Valash
  • Zaobian
  • Vulcrane
  • Zenoreth

List of the B Tier game characters in Temtem game

In the B tier of the Temtem game is where the player would start to notice the difference in the power levels of other ranks in the game. Without a tangible gaming strategy in the game, the player would struggle with the B tier game characters of the Temtem game. Here are is list of game characters that are in the B tier of the Temtem game:

  • Gazuma
  • Mushook
  • Babawa
  • Loali
  • Pocus
  • Saku
  • Wiplump
  • Skunch

The game characters that belong to the C rank of the game

In the C rank of the Temtem, the game characters are usually outclassed by others in other game tiers. These characters are just one update away from being very good to play with. For there is no error in keeping some of these characters just in case. Here is a list of game characters that belong to the C rank of the Temtem game.

  • Baboong
  • Capyre
  • Adoroboros
  • Grapah
  • Nidrasil
  • Goolder
  • Cerneaf
  • Mastione
  • Platimous
  • Taifu
  • Oceara
  • Shuine
  • Tateru
  • Vulor

Game characters that are in the Tier D rank of the Temtem game

This is an interesting game tier that contains characters that are kind of bad. They are usually a shadow of themselves and you would need to over train them in other to get any value from them.  Here is the list of game characters that belong to this tier.

  • Deendre
  • Azuroc
  • Noxolotl
  • Paharac
  • Lapinite
  • Hidody
  • Orphyll
  • Sherald
  • Raiber
  • Piraminant
  • Spriole
  • Vulvir
  • Tental

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