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Battlerite Tier List 2024 | Finest Characters Ranked

Here is an update of Battlerite Tier List with all the finest characters catogrized. One common trait of pro gamers is that they are always on the lookout for sensitive information relating to games that they binge-play. They like to make inquiries about new game characters, their stats, weaknesses, and strengths. Well, that has a lot of importance in my opinion, but what is more important than knowing the Tier list of the Battlerite game.


Did you know that the Battlerite gameplay would turn out to be very monotous if the players where to always use their preference of game characters?  But before we delve into the tier lists, let us look at some of the most important Battlerite roles there is.


Bruisers as is so-called is a role that most Battlerite characters take on that involves inflicting and causing havoc to enemies. With this role, the game characters, would have high mobility and can be exploited by the player due to their speed. One key takeaway of game characters that have this role is that they can use their positioning to cause more damage to opponents.


Support is another interesting role that involves a Battlerite gamer assisting and supporting their allies throughout the course of the game. They can go as far as doing anything in their power to be able to heal themselves so that they can protect their allies.


An assassin in the Battlerite game is a character that is majorly involved in the killing of a political figure. As the name of the role suggests, the assassin can cause a lot of damage, with the drawback being that they are super fragile. 4


The tank is a great role that is well exploited by gamers in terms of health. The tank has great health and they are characters that usually lead from the front in the Battlerite game. They also offer a solid defense that can be well exploited by their allies.


This is a role that sees the game characters eating up large amounts of heath by being very damaging to enemies. If deployed, they do not take much time to destroy an entire defense of their enemies.


They have a strong healing and damaging potential. They have a skill set that can be deployed to defeat the strongest of enemies.

Taking a dip into the Tier List of the Battlerite game

The S Tier of the Battlerite game

The game characters in this tier of the Battlerite game are known for their sheer power. They are at the apex of all other game characters in the Battlerite game. They can be used at any point in the game, because they are very much equipped for that.
Here is a comprehensive list of characters that you would find in the S tier of Battlerite:

  • Ashka
  • Alysia
  • Taya
  • Poloma
  • Jade

The A + Tier of the Battlerite game


It is important for the gamer to know that the game characters of the A+ tier list are very strong and powerful. They are not considered as the best characters because they are just one step below the S tier. Here is a list of game characters that you would find in the A+ Tier:

  • Bakko
  • Croak
  • Freya
  • Jumong
  • Blossom
  • Luce
  • Raigon
  • Shifu
  • Pestilus

The Battlerite game characters that belong to the A tier

All the tiers that we have previously previewed contains characters that possess their own strengths and weaknesses. They do not turn out to make the best choices according to their game plot. A lot of players always ignore this characters because their weaknesses normally overshadows their strengths. Although, truth be told, a gamer that is well versed with the game mechanics of Battlerite does not need a character from a particular tier to win.

Here are a ls of some interesting  characters that you would find in the A tier:

  • Jamila
  • Pearl
  • Poloma
  • Iva
  • Ezmo
  • Varesh
  • Sirus

Tier B of the Battlerite game

This is where you would classify characters that possess average skills that don’t work out well for any level of the Battlerite game. The strengths of these characters can be maximized by someone that has incredible gaming skills.

All that the gamer needs, is to be super proficient whenever they handle the game characters of this particular tier.

Here are a list of game characters that a player would see in the Tier B of the Battlerite game:

  • Alysia
  • Jade
  • Ruh Kaan
  • Taya
  • Destiny
  • Ulric
  • Zander
  • Rook

Most Fascinating Game Characters to use in Battlerite

Like I stated earlier, the game features characters and various in-game mechanics that make you playing time worth it. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at the most interesting characters to use in the game.


Thorn is one of the best game characters because it has very high mobility and damage. This characters has a way of pulling out enemies out of position. The player can use this character with a combo of other tools to fill any composition.


Freya is a game character that heavily relies on the mistakes of other game characters to get very potent. She ends up triggering her electric shield in the process. She offers mobility, utility, and shielding, which is why she is so much fun to use.

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