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Tactics Orgre: Reborn Best Route To Take, Ranked

One of the best tactical role playing games out there is Tactics Ogre. This is a game that is filled with content that has the capacity to keep players immersed in the world of Valeria. However, one of the biggest challenges that gamers face is deciding the best route to follow. This is why this article will be covering a guide on how to choose the best route in Tactics Ogre. We will also rank these routes for gamers.


It is important to note that one of the defining features of this game is that gamers have multiple routes to follow. Each route for the player offers a unique perspective on the story and diverse gameplay experiences. Without further ado, let’s delve into a guide to the routes in Tactics Ogre routes:

Lawful Route

This route in the game is mostly considered as the default path. It is a path that offers gamers a well rounded experience, taking them through the political landscape of Valeria. The Lawful Route tends to be more forgiving for the gamer in terms of difficulty. This is why it is best suited for newbie’s who would prefer a more balanced challenge.

Also worth noting is that the Lawful Route places a significant emphasis on diplomacy and alliances.

Neutral Route

Another route that is worth reviewing is the Neutral Route. This is route in Tactics Ogre that gifts players with a more varied experience as the go through the moral ambiguity of the Valerian conflicts. In this route, the players will be expected to make decisions that are though. This decisions have the capacity to affect the outcome of the game, and the characters fate. Also worth noting is that the Neutral Route in Tactics Ogre is characterized by a mix of challenges from both the Lawful and Chaotic routes. This is why it is a well rounded choice for gamers looking for a balanced experience.

Chaotic Route

It is in this route that the gamers would see a darker narrative of the game. This route often confronts players with choices that are hard, which can lead to tragic consequences. Worth noting is that it tends to be challenging in terms of gameplay. If you are not saddled with strategic mastery to overcome the increased difficulty, the player would be overwhelmed.


Ranking These Three Routes In Tactics Ogre

This game offers a wealth of gaming content worth exploring. However, the get the best out of the routes, you need to know its ranking. Here is a guide on the ranks of the routes based on the below listed factors:

Based off Narrative Depth On the Game

Neutral route comes first, the Lawful route comes second, with the Chaotic route as the last.

Based Off The Factor of Complexity

The chaotic route comes first, the lawful route comes second, with the neutral route as the last.

Based Off The Factor Of Player Experience

The neutral route comes first, followed by the lawful route, then the chaotic route.


In the end, the best route worth taking in the Tactics Ogre game depends solely on the preferences of the gamer, and the kind experience they are looking for. With the multiple routes in the game, there lies rich tapestry of storytelling and strategic gameplay.


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