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Top 20 Smoking Games for Stoners | Toke Hard, Play High

Solitary toking and getting lost in introspection is amazing. Still, there’s another side of cannabis consumption to explore. So, what’s your favorite smoking game?
Don’t know yet? We’ve asked around, and we’ve got answers.
Grab a batch of cheap weed seeds and grow your stash large. You’re about to sit down with a long list of must-try weed-smoking activities.
Here’s a quick rundown of the top 20 stoner games to play with friends or alone.


Video games for stoners

Video games for stoners
Let’s start with fun smoking games to play on devices. Whether you’re smoking solo or sharing a bud with a buddy, these ten design delights will have you couch-locked in a new way.
Tip: If playing with others, you can turn any of these into a bong game by ripping one every time you win or lose.

1 – Tetris

Tetris is enthralling for a high mind. The colors, the pattern matching, the soundtrack. It can keep you going for hours.
Don’t trust this? Try it after several puffs of a sedating strain.

2 – Minecraft

Minecraft is a game for stoners par excellence. It lets you explore a limitless world, unleash your creativity, and fight creepers, all in a single experience. A high VR session is even better.

3 – Tiny Tower

This cross between an idle zone-out smoking game and a business simulator lets you pick your level of involvement. Even if you’re not a gamer, its simplicity of immersion is impeccable. And the old-school animations are worth gushing over.

4 – Mario Kart

Onto something more intense, playing Mario Kart against a stoned friend is one hell of a fun time. The music and speed drive you forward, matching the single-minded focus of sativa herbs.

5 – Mortal Kombat

Speaking of stoner games to play with friends, Mortal Kombat will also have you engaged for eons. It’s the ideal way to unleash the pot-driven energy onto something hypnotic.

6 – Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a classic, but you haven’t tried it until you’ve played it as a bong game. The beat and nostalgia are outstanding, and you can try holding the smoke in until the first chorus!

7 – Zelda

The sentimentality and beauty of animation give Zelda a spot on any games for stoners list. Plus, the green theme fits the occasion.

8 – Pokemon GO

Smoking a sativa energizer? Need something to break the couch-lock? Chase tiny creatures around in virtual reality. It’s captivating.

9 – No Man’s Sky

This smoke game is perfect for solo sessions with psychedelic cultivars. You’ll appreciate the looks of this world and the intriguing questions it poses.

10 – Stardew Valley

Not in the mood for introspection? Try this epitome of wholesomeness. Works especially well in co-op farming mode.


Party Smoke Games

Stoners are a creative bunch. It’s no wonder that numerous group-based smoke games emerged to help you have great fun with friends.
Here are ten ideas for a night full of giggles.

11 – Strip Choker

Strip choker is a bong game guaranteed to test your lung capacity.
Everybody takes a hit and holds it in for as long as possible. The first person to exhale or cough has to remove a piece of clothing. No insane layering is allowed; socks count as one item.

12 – Never Have I Ever

Get to know your smoke buddies with this stoner game to play with friends. It sparks discussion, unveils cool stories and blush-inducing secrets, and brings you closer together.
One person takes a blunt and says a sentence starting with ‘never have I ever…’ (had weed with strangers). Then, everybody who has had weed with strangers has to take a puff. Keep playing till there’s nothing left to pass.

13 – Jamaica Jamming

This smoking game needs everybody to get high from their own supply. It pays homage to the weed king Bob Marley and his song Jammin.
It’s a simple spiel to get you high quickly. You’ll take a hit every time Marley says the word ‘jamming.’ And he says the word a lot.

14 – Straight-Faced Stoner

This fun smoking game seems too easy at first. It has you rolling on the ground in laughter in mere minutes, though.
Choose a penalty for smiling, like taking a dab, removing a clothing item, or doing five push-ups. Every time a person smiles, they pay the penalty. You haven’t heard contagious laughter until you’ve played this one.

15 – Greenjack

Have you ever played blackjack? If yes, Greenjack is the smoking game for you.
A toking variation on the card classic, Greenjack states that whoever gets the closest to 21 has to take a hit. Going bust can invoke additional penalties—like bringing everybody a snack.

16 – Stone, Paper, Scissors

Keep things uncomplicated and stretch your tolerance with stone, paper, scissors. This fun stoner game states that you puff every time you lose. Best out of three if you’re casual about it.

17 – Medusa

Looking into Medusa’s eyes means turning to stone. Looking into anybody’s eyes while playing Medusa means getting stoned out of your mind.
Sit in a circle with everybody’s stash on the ready. Put your head down and look up on the count of three. If you share direct eye contact with another person, it’s time to hit that bowl.

18 – The Smokeout

Going under the alternative name of the last man standing, this is the smoking game to play when you want to push your limits.
Get a bong and at least an ounce. Everybody puffs and passes until somebody can’t handle any more weed. They drop out; the rest keep going. The last person in the ring is the champion.

19 – Cannabis Categories

Some smoking games challenge your boundaries, while others strain your brainpower under the influence. Cannabis Categories does both.
Sit in a circle, and whoever goes first chooses a letter and a category. For instance, movies starting with B, like Batman. They say the word, take a hit, and pass the blunt.
The next person has to name another example—erm, Badlands—or take five big tokes.

20 – Mentioning Marijuana

This bong game has you taking a puff each time a character talks about weed in a piece of media. It’s the go-to for smoking trees that don’t make you feel like chatting.
Choose a documentary about your favorite gangster for a higher challenge rating.

20 Games for 420

These smoke games are the perfect way to elevate your sesh. Light up a mind-bendy sativa or wind down with a soothing indica—there’s something for everybody here. Let the rhythm and the challenge provide the time of your life.
There’s nothing left to say but have a blast and keep it safe. Grow weed at home, and stay tuned for more fun ways to use your stash.


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