20 Most Popular Google Doodle Games – Best Google Doodles Games to Play

For game lovers around the world, we bring to you the Most Popular Google Doodle Games. Base on user ratings, we have come up with the 20 Best Google Doodles Games to Play. We rank this base on the search volume as compiled by different search engines. Let’s get into the real thing below.


About Google Doodle Ideas

Doodles are the surprising, fun, and most times unstructured changes that are constantly made to the Google logo to celebrate anniversaries, holidays,  and the lives of famous pioneers, scientists, and artists all over the world. Back in 1998, even before the company’s incorporation, the google doodle ideas are said to have originated when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Meanwhile, this has become a norm ever since and users of the platform are getting used to it as it is.
Here is the list of 20 Most Popular Google Doodle Games;

1. Google Doodle Soccer

Toping our list of Popular Google Doodle Games is soccer. Undoubtedly the most popular sports around the world but that of google is quite different. It is a two players game, just a player and the goalkeeper. It involves a kick and catch session like a penalty shootout. Mostly played amongst the younger age grade, however, big guys still have fun playing these games, mostly soccer. Play Google Doodle SoccerHere.

2. Google Games Basketball

Next up is the Google Games Basketball which is a popular game in the United States and google brought the animated version of the game for its lovers online. The game features just a single player standing in front of a table with balls rolling up each time a throw has been made. A bit difficult in my opinion when I tried a couple of times and gave up. Play Google Games Basketball Here.

3. Google Doodle Halloween

The Google Doodle Halloween, in my opinion, looks far too scary for kids and even adults. I tried playing several times but never enjoyed I must confess. Meanwhile, this is one of the most played google games from what we’ve found out. Maybe it’s a bit popular with some age grade but surely it ranks among the Popular Google Doodle Games played. Play Doodle Halloween Here.

4. Google Doodle Games Swimming

The original idea about Google Doodle Swimming was to create something similar to that of Olympic swimming. But believe me, the graphics and scene I saw are far from what they intended. This is the only Google game I can’t play as the player only lies in the pool without moving; isn’t it funny? Well, you can try it yourself – Play Google Doodle Swimming Here.

5. Google Doodle Baseball

It is time to showcase your baseball skills on the google virtual platform. I’m not a lover or follower of baseball so don’t ask me anything about this game. I barely had more than just a toast at this game, meanwhile, this is the most celebrated among Google Doodle gamers so far. I think the features are far better as compared to what we see in other games especially swimming. You wanna try the Google Doodle Baseball Out? Then go check it out Falla.

6. Google Doodle Pacman

Next up is the Google Doodle Pacman which is played by thousands if not millions of users in the world. This was one of my best games back in the days with Nintendo. This was made to celebrate the Pacman 30th anniversary game. Still comes with a good feature but trust me google is simply setting this up for a certain level of user, mostly teenagers. Google had to bring this up to celebrate pacman 30th anniversary and many love it. This is Google Doodle Pacman if you want to check it out yourself.

7. Google Doodle Cricket

This is a very popular game in India, United Kingdom, USA, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. However, this is the virtual version of it made by google. So, even countries who are not really popular for the game can go around enjoying this too. I think this is one Google game that comes with numerous series including ICC 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup, ICC – Finals – England v West Indies, ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and more to choose from. Try the Doodle Cricket yourself.

8. Doctor WHO Google Doodle

This is played by my younger ones back home and I don’t know anything about this game I must say. How it turn out to be their popular google doodle game still marvels me. This game is most appreciated among kids across the US and other parts of the world and I doubt if adult plays it too.  Try out the Doctor WHO Google Doodle game yourself.

9. Archery Athens Olympic Game

We rank this based on its popularity and playability. This is enjoyed by everyone just like soccer. Unlike some on this list that is mostly played by kids, archery is enjoyed by plenty. It involves throwing the arch on the set target, I have tried a couple of times and actually enjoyed it as well.

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10 Fencing

Can you touch your opponent with the magic stick? Then you must be in love with the doodle Fencing. The Chinese and Japanese are very popular for this game-winning lots of medals in the Olympics. However, this is created for fans of the game who may not really have those facilities or the opportunity to play in real life. The google doodle fencing is for you baby.

11. Google Games Javelin

Remember we are raking these games base on their popularity on the google doodle platform. Javalin comes just outside the top 10. We place this base on the data gathered as a result of the search results from users across the world. The game features just a single-player, allowing you to test your throwing strength on the screen. Really fun though and one of my favorite.

12. Google Guitar

Google guitar occupies the twelfth spot in our Popular Google Doodle Game to play. The truth is, I don’t really fancy this game at all. Surprisingly, it is one of the most popular and most played around the world; maybe by the younger generation. Maybe you need to try it yourself.

13. Google Snake

You probably would be wondering why this very game did not make it to the top 10, I am surprised too. The features and graphics look like that of Nokia 200 back then. Nice and easy to follow interface that could be enjoyed by young and adults.

14. Google Underwater

Google Underwater is a game with flying fishes (mostly sharks) underwater. The target is to get the hidden treasure that they tag impossible. I tried playing this game a couple of times and gave up in the end when failing to hit the target after several attempts. I doubt many people have conquered this very game but few have though. You wanna go try this out? this is Google Underwater.

15. Google Doodle Diving Game

Still in its static mode, maybe still under development with google. Just a picture of a woman standing on the diving podium smiling at you. Just go check it out yourself.

16. Google Doodle Games Alien

The doodle marking the 66th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident tells the story of an alien, who, despite having mastered interstellar space travel, appears less than adept at making a smooth landing on Earth. Items and NPCs are indicated by sticky notes in this version of the game. You can go and try your brain out this time

17. Google Doodle Hurdles

This is the game I enjoy the most from google doodle platform. Looks quite real like the normal huddle you know, but I’m still yet to get past a single huddle without falling one. Funny right? Just maybe I’m not the best playing it but trust me, this ranks among the Most Popular Google Doodle Games on the platform.

18. Google Doodle Golf Game

The Google Doodle Golf Game isn’t that popular in my city, I mean, people around me don’t regularly play it and you can see why it is being placed on the 18th spot. This is quite surprising as against what many will expect from a popular golf game that is admired across the world.

19. Google T-Rex Run

This is a hidden Google dinosaur game that can be played online by everyone. The T-Rex run game is just a twisted series of run across a plain platform. Not the most interesting and you can see where it ranks on our list.

20. Slalom Canoe

I thought kids would really enjoy this, but what do I know? I really had a good time playing this for the first time and I hope you will too. You wanna go check out the amazing Slalom Canoe? Then have fun. These are the Best google Doodles Games to Play.


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