Essential One-Night Stand Etiquette

For some, hooking up is an easy way to get what they want without any commitment or emotional connection. For others, it can be a complicated experience where feelings are involved and boundaries are crossed. That’s exactly why knowing the basic rules and etiquette of casual dating is important.


1. Express your intentions clearly

Although many will find this approach cold-blooded, it is important to be as honest as possible about your intentions when it comes to one-night stands. Telling your partner that you’re looking for quick sxx only is vital if you don’t want to deal with misunderstandings afterward. Being straightforward helps to reduce the level of unnecessary stress, too, as both parties know what to expect.
When looking for hookups online, on the other hand, everything becomes much easier. There are tons of narrowly focused dating sites for seeking one-night stand girls made specifically for this purpose. There’s no more need to spend days beating around the bush and trying to convince a woman to get laid. If a man wants to find a hookup with a hottie as soon as tonight, he just has to create an account on one of these platforms. Everyone here looks for exactly the same thing – a quick fling – so there’s no more need to explain yourself. You just pick someone hot and arrange a meet-up; that’s it!

2. Grooming is important

Even if it’s a one-night stand, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to look messy or smell bad. Both partners should enjoy that date because that is actually the main purpose of what is going to happen. So take a shower before heading off for the meeting to get rid of any possible sweat and odor; make sure your hair is clean, your nails cut, and your teeth are brushed thoroughly. Use deodorant and perfume, as a nice-smelling person becomes more attractive several times over. Choose a stylish but comfy outfit to complete the picture, and make sure it’s clean, too!

3. No personal questions

Remember that this is just a one-night stand, so there is no need to ask personal questions about the person you are seeing for the first and, most likely, last time. You don’t need to ask how’s their work or what they plan to do next weekend. Such questions are inappropriate, so if you agreed that this is a one-time meeting from the very start, don’t cross these boundaries. All you should be interested in is your pleasure. And the pleasure of your date, of course. You can ask what turns them on or what exactly they like in bed, but that’s it.


4. Limit the amount of alcohol

The most common mistake people make when hooking up (especially the first-timers) is drinking too much alcohol. Such behavior leads to a long list of negative consequences, from a horribly awkward sxxxual experience to an unwanted pregnancy. In the first case, you can just laugh about it and move on, because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t had a few awkward situations in their life that they would like to never talk about? On the other hand, you can’t just forget about the pregnant girl you’ve seen just once, right? There’s no harm in having a drink or two before getting to business, but make sure you (and your partner, too!) stay conscious.

5. Discuss your boundaries

Discussing personal boundaries – yours and your partner’s – is also important. If you meet online, let them know your intentions, establish the terms of your meeting, and determine everyone’s personal boundaries before arranging a real-life date. This way, you can avoid embarrassment and resentment in the future. If your partner crosses established boundaries that have been discussed in advance during a meeting, you have every right to stop whatever is going on and leave. The same applies to you personally; if your partner has made it clear that they don’t want personal questioning or don’t want kissing, for example, you should respect their choice.

6. No assumptions; consent only

Consent to things as they happen is worth highlighting separately. Many people, not knowing what they can and cannot do when hooking up with a stranger, acquiesce to their partner’s actions for fear of offending them or feeling uncomfortable interrupting the process. But you must understand that by quietly accepting everything your partner offers and does, you not only waste your own time but also put yourself in danger. If your partner does something wrong or behaves inappropriately, don’t keep quiet. Perhaps some things that seem normal to them may be completely unacceptable to you, and vice versa. That’s why it’s important to talk not only before the meeting but also during the process.
The hookup culture has been prevalent in the United States for decades now. Over the years, as technology and social media have increased in popularity, it has changed dramatically. But things like casual dating etiquette remain unchanged. Make sure to follow the rules we highlighted and become the kind of partner no one will ever forget!


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