Roblox ZO Codes

All Roblox ZO Codes 2024 And How To Redeem Them 

Roblox ZO is one of the most intriguing Roblox games out there. It is a combat-like game that features interesting gaming mechanics. However, one of the ways of boosting your gameplay is by making use of the Roblox ZO codes. In the course of this article, we will be elucidating all working Roblox ZO codes, and how to use them to get the best out of your game time.


Roblox ZO Gameplay Overview

Roblox ZO is an aesthetic game that allows you to start off your journey as a young fighter and train your way to the level of Master Samurai. In this Roblox-themed role-playing game, you can join clans, forge alliances, combat your friends, and train to become the greatest Samurai. To be able to control your game characters effectively, pay attention to the following controls:

  • CTRL – Shiftlock
  • SHIFT – This key is used to perform a Sprint in the game.
  • LMB – This control is used to Attack
  • RMB – This combo of keyboard letters is used to perform a Block
  • R – With the R control, you can do a Dash in Roblox ZO.
  • F – Kick (guardbreak)

Active Roblox ZO Codes

The ZO Codes is what gives you a free boost in the game. With their aid, you can get free in-game rewards. It is important to note that these codes should be used as soon as you get them, else they will expire. Also worth noting is that these ZO codes are case-sensitive. Not keying them in the way they are will lead to an error.

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Here is a complete list of active Roblox ZO Codes:

  1. 350KLIKES: A gamer will need to redeem this code to get free codes.
  2. 300KLIKES: A gamer will need to redeem this code to get an in-game reward
  3. CLANSV2: A gamer will need to redeem this code to get an in-game reward
  4. NEWYEAR2022: When you redeem this code, you are eligible for free souls.
  5. 100MVISITS: This code can be redeemed in the Roblox Zo game to get a whopping 1000 Souls.
  6. boarding: When redeemed can be used to get 100 Souls.
  7. 42: As the code implies, redeeming this code will give you 42 Souls.
  8. ZOZO: When a player redeems this code they will get 15 Souls.
  9. TWEETERMAN: When you redeem this code, you are set to get 15 Souls.
  10. 915719: This numerical code can be used to land some free in-game rewards.

How To Redeem Roblox ZO Codes 

There is no big fuss in the process required for redeeming Roblox ZO codes. All you need to do is to follow our stepwise guide elucidated below:

  • Go to the Roblox gaming platform and launch your Roblox ZO game.
  • When the game opens, walk away from Spawn, turn right and go down the hill into the “Safezone”.
  • Next up, turn left and walk upwards until you reach the Shop and Code Board.
  • In a bid to enter the Roblox ZO codes, go towards the Code Board and click on the text box that indicates “Code
  • Now go on and key in the valid working codes that we elucidated on our list. After entering your Roblox ZO code, press OK to get your free reward.

How to Get More Roblox ZO Codes

As stated earlier, these codes are what help to make the Samurai-themed Roblox gameplay more interesting. However, the developers of the game do not release codes on a regular basis. One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with new code releases is to join the Roblox ZO Discord Server, and then join the ITTO- a game development team behind Roblox ZO.


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