Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat

All Risk of Rain 2 Lunar Coins Cheat 2024: Risk of Rain 2 Cheat Guide

One of the most important items in the Risk of rain 2 is the lunar coins. They can be used in the Bazaar that is between Realms to buy in-game items or to unlock a survivor in the game.


In some levels in the game, lunar coins can be used at the small lunar flowers to access other powerful items.

The best practice in the game is to grind them out so that you can be able to unlock all the characters in the risk of rain 2 game.

Here is How to cheat lunar coins in risk of rain 2

For a player to be able to take advantage of the lunar coins cheat, here are some steps that they would need to take:

  • Head on to the steam folder that is located on the C drive.
  • Then head to the Userdata
  • There is only one folder that is there, so you would need to open it. The name of the folder is called “632360”.
  • After opening the remote folder, then go on to open the Userprofiles folder.
  • Then, you would see an XML file, go on to open it with a Notepad.
  • In the line 4 of the XML file, you would see a code tag like this “<coin></coin>”. The number of coins that the player is on possession of would be in between the brackets.
  • If are not able to find it, then open the edit menu on Notepad, or any Text editor that you using. Click on find, and then type “coin” into the find box and hit enter.
  • You can then go on to change the value of coins to any figure that you want. So if you want say 40 coins, you would key in <coin></coin>

This is an easy cheat that can land you any amount of lunar coins that you need in the Risk of Rain 2 game.

Since you are in the blue about what the lunar coin does in the game, it would be important for you pick them up whenever they drop in the game. This way you can have more than enough of these sweet lunar coins.

Other interesting Lunar Items that you can find in the Risk of rain 2 game

Other than lunar coins, there are lots of other interesting lunar items that a gamer can indulge in.  it also not enough for a gamer to know them, it is pertinent to know how to use them.  Here is an overview of the most interesting lunar items that you can find in the Risk of rain game.

Beads of Fealty


This is an interesting lunar item in the Risk of rain 2 game. It is important for a gamer to know that it does not affect anything for stats. When you obliterate yourself with the Beads of Fealty in the game, rather than end up on the run, you would go to a unique area.

The best way to stay prepared for an end game fight is to stay equipped with this lunar item.

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Brittle Crown

With this lunar item, a gamer can earn gold quickly, so that they would be able to open up a new chest as the run continues. When you have this lunar item on your game character, whenever you are hit, you would have two gold.


This is an interesting lunar item that can make a player appear to be quite tanky. Its unique feature is the way it doubles the healing rate of the game character.

Defiant Gouge

This is one of the greatest lunar items that there is in the Risk of rain 2 game. When in contact with your enemies it is best to wield this lunar item. when the Defiant Gouge is the inventory of the player, it can be used to summon enemies.

Focused Convergence

Focused convergence is a unique trait that is used by players to carry a player through a teleporter zone with speed. With this lunar item in place, the player would be able to move 30 % faster.
All the same, the teleporter zone in question would shrink by fifty percent.

Gesture of the Drowned Lunar Item

This lunar item can be used well when paired with the right item. With the Gesture of the drowned in your inventory, a player can reduce the time it would take for your equipment to charge by fifty percent. The only major downside of this equipment is that it would activate as soon as the cooldown in the game is finished.

Mercurial Rachis

This lunar item is a bit of a gamble that can be rewarding and also damaging to your enemies alike.  This item can be used to create award of power in a random location that is on the map.


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