Lucy Character Creation

Lucy Character Creation CyberPunk Guide

The adaptive anime game known as Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that features a character known as Lucy. She is modeled as a hacking legend that is a mysterious Netrunner. To get best out of this character, the gamer needs to understand how to do a perfect Lucy build. This article focuses on a complete guide to Lucy character creation in Cyberpunk 2077.


How to build Lucy in Cyberpunk

To build Lucy in Cyberpunk, it is best you learn about the perks and the best ones to upgrade, and work on. Also build Lucy up to suit their combat modes. For instance, in combat, Lucy has an assassin style more than a warrior style. In light of this, try to attack to her cyberwares that would boost her combat mode. Attach cyberwares of a netrunner rather than that of a solo.

What is the best weapon for Lucy in Cyberpunk?

In the Cyberpunk game, the best weapon that Lucy can use is the Monowire. With the aid of this cyberware, the game can use Lucy to cause status effects and dismember enemies. You can buy this weapon for Lucy in cyberpunk 2077 from a Ripperdoc. The cost of adding this cyberware to Lucy’s build is 20 Street Cred.

To boost the effect of the above mentioned Monowire, you can use Microrotors that can increase melee attack speed. This boosts the Monowire you equipped Lucy with, making it faster. You can also add Lynx Paws to the mix as it helps to make the movement quieter.

How to build Lucy’s Skillset in the Cyberpunk 

In a bid to create Lucy’s skillset, the gamer will need to focus on three attributes: reflexes, cool, and intelligence. With the intelligence skillset, it opens up hacking perks, and makes it easy for Lucy to use the hacking perks. The use of the Reflexes and Cool skillset is to increase the damage of Monowire, and give it more utility. Also worth noting is that with the Monowire, the gamer will need reflexes skillset. This is because it helps the gamer to access the blade perks.

If you wish to go into stealthier playthrough, try your best to use subliminal message. There are perks that increase your RAM, and boost RAM recovery with your gaming PC, making it easy to have large quickhack damage and effects.


The following are perks you should consider in your Lucy Build:

  • Biosynergy
  • I spy
  • Bloodware
  • Daisy Chain
  • Mnemonic
  • Forget Me Not
  • Signal Support
  • Diffusion
  • Turret Tamer
  • Total Recall
  • Totaler Recall
  • Advanced Datamine.

These perks can increase the overall skillset of Lucy in the game, alongside the melee attacks.

How to find Monowire weapon for Lucy

It is important to note that there are three variants of monowire in cyberpunk 2077, and they can be found in the low listed locations:

The rare Monowire variant

This variant in the cyberpunk 2077 can be purchases from any Ripperdoc that is not selling the Epic or Legendary variant of the Monowire weapon. A gamer will need to have 20 street Cred.

Epic Monowire Variant

This is another interesting variant of the monowire weapon for Lucy. This monowire variant can be gotten for the value of 25 Street Cred. The following are the locations to get this weapon:

  • Octavio at Rancho Coronada
  • Don Ryder’s Ripperdoc in Wellsprings.
  • Ripperdoc in Santodomingo’s Arroyo sub-district.

Legendary Variant

This is the last variant of the monowire weapon. It costs 45 Street Cred. It is valuable and can be found in a Ripperdoc.


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