Iconic Lesbxxn Couples

Iconic Lesbxxn Couples with a Significant Age Difference

The time when dating someone younger (older) was weird is long gone. There are many reasons for that, but famous couples with big age gaps are partially responsible for that. We’ll focus on iconic lesbxxn couples that helped change how society looks at intergenerational dating. But before we reveal those heroes, we’ll mention why such relationships are popular today and what makes them last.


Why Cougaring is so Common in Same-sxx Relationships

Cougaring is common in straight relationships, but there are more lesbxxn cougar couples (and flings) than people think. Younger girls go online to look for cougar lesbians because a dating site lets them filter the community based on age and location. It means just 2 clicks hide all ladies who live far away or don’t have enough life experience. That’s one of the reasons why cougaring is so common among lesbxxns. Younger girls want to learn from older ladies. Mature lesbxxns need to share their experiences with the next generation.

Of course, there’s more to that. Fun, excitement, and passion are reasons why gay women start relationships with significant age differences. Each new relationship brings excitement and fun, but when an older gal finds a younger gal with whom they can start something new, that’s a whole different story. Reliving youth and things they stopped doing when they hit a certain age is the next level of passion and excitement.

What Makes Intergenerational Couples Last?

Having a decade or two between them doesn’t mean intergenerational couples can’t last. They can have a mutual interest outside love. And they usually do. Many lesbxxn couples start a business together, especially in the US, thanks to grants from the government. But having a hobby both sides love is even better.

But not everything is related to mutual activities. The deeper reason why couples with significant age gaps last is the fact that they give each other exactly what they need. Younger partner doesn’t just get an experienced lover; they get someone who’ll share their life wisdom with them. The older side doesn’t just get someone who offers youth. They get a partner whose energy helps them stay young. In a way, intergenerational couples form a symbiotic relationship. Every couple should be like that. But when the age difference is noticeable, that’s crucial for building a successful relationship.

Celeb Couples Showing the Age Gap is Perfectly Okay

Celebrities are often setting an example for regular folks. And they show that some taboo things aren’t that taboo at all. The same is with dating a lady much older or younger than you. Here are power couples who are tearing down all prejudices. Hopefully, they’ll give you an extra kick that you may need if in doubt about whether to date a lady with the age gap.


Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

The couple met in 2005 but didn’t make any moves because they were both in committed relationships. They started dating a decade later, in 2015, and were instantly described as an iconic couple. The public had to wait a year more for them to admit they were an item. Both are massive stars and respected actresses, so their public appearance was a big deal for regular people. Girls set an example for many others who started idolizing them. Even though it’s not cool to mention the age of a woman, here we must say that Sarah is 47, and Holland is 79.

Martina Navratilova and Julia Lemigova

Martina (now 65) and Julia (now 49) met in 2000 at a dinner party in Paris. Julia says that she knew who Navratilova was. Yet the instant connection was made because of similar tastes in humor and jokes. Ladies met eight years later, again in Paris (a romantic city indeed), and Julia introduced Martina to her two daughters. She remembers thinking that she wants to see her again. The couple started as friends, building their relationship. Soon after, they became a couple. They dated for six and a half years. After that, they tied the knot in December 2014 and are still going strong.

Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are the most famous lesbxxn couple with an age gap. The couple met in 2000, and Ellen admits to falling in love at first sight. Portia wasn’t openly gay, so Ellen had to wait a little bit more, three and a half years more, to be specific. Portia later said that she knew that Ellen was the one. But she didn’t do anything because of not being openly gay at the time.

In 2005 they made their first public appearance at the HBO Golden Globe Awards party. They dated for three more years, and in 2008 they said “yes” when it became legally possible for gay couples to marry. Portia even changed her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres in 2010. Like any other marriage, this power couple hit some bumps. But ladies were able to overcome the issues they had. This year they’ll celebrate their 14th anniversary and keep paving the path for all other gay couples around the world. Ellen is now 64, and Portia is 49 years old.

This concludes the list of iconic lesbxxn couples with a significant age gap. Hopefully, they’ll inspire others worldwide not to be ashamed or embarrassed if they’re in love with an older lady.


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