How to Show FPS on CS GO

How to Show FPS on CS GO

One of the most popular multiplayer games is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This title puts you in a team, so, it takes a lot of skills, teamwork, and communication to win. Like with most other competitive games, players of CS:GO are also on the lookout for how to show FPS in CS GO in order to have the high frame rates for the best possible gameplay. 


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To get your best, you need up-to-date equipment to let you utilize your skills. That same case applies to competitive CS:GO players. So, how exactly can you turn on the FPS information for this title? Let’s find out. 

Methods How to Show FPS

Steam’s Settings

If you’re playing on Steam, you can easily turn on the FPS for any Steam title in the following way:

  • Head to Settings within the software’s window. 
  • Find the tab labeled ‘In-Game’. 
  • There you will see ‘In-game FPS counter Steam’. Turn it on and decide where you’d like to place it on the screen. 

And that’s it! The easiest way to find out if you’re suffering from low FPS or if your computer is working way too hard to offer higher FPS than needed. 

Pro tip: Select the High Contrast Color in the FPS counter options to make sure you can clearly see the information on your screen. 

FPS Commands

Another way to enable the FPS counter inside CS is by using console commands. To use these, first enable the console from within the game options. Once it’s enabled, all you need to do is:

  • Press the ~ key on your keyboard to open the special console window. 
  • Write the command cl_showfps1 and press enter. 

This will enable the FPS counter on your screen quickly and easily. There are other commands that you can also use within this console :

  • for disabling FPS: cl_showfps 0 
  • for seeing FPS and other information like ping: net_graph 1
  • for removing the above-mentioned overlay: net_graph 0
  • for viewing your network information: net_graph 2
  • for seeing the load on your computer: net_graph 3.

Game’s Properties Settings on Steam

Using the same commands as in the previous point is also possible in Steam’s launch options for CS:GO. 

  • Right-click on CS:GO in your library. 
  • Go to Properties and you’ll see a Launch Options box within the General tab.
  • Simply write your command in that box and you’re good to go. 

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GeForce Experience

If you are using a computer with an Nvidia GPU, you can also use the GeForce Experience software to enable FPS. 

  • On the top-right corner of the window, click on your profile icon. 
  • Go into Account and you’ll see a tab named General on the left of the screen that opens. 
  • Find the section labeled In-Game Overlay and go into its Settings.
  • Select the HUD layout and position it where you want. 
  • Click on the Performance tab on the left and enable the option labeled FPS. 

Windows Gamebar

On a Windows PC, you can also utilize Windows Gamebar to enable an FPS counter in CS:GO or other games you like to play

  • Open Windows Gamebar by pressing Win+G.
  • This will depict a floating window showing various types of information like CPU and GPU usage. 
  • Click on the options icon and enable FPS which might be turned off by default. 
  • Then, simply pin this floating window to your screen by using the dedicated pin icon on the top right. 
Windows Gamebar

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Why you Need to Know FPS

Now that we know how to enable FPS counters in CS:GO, let’s take a look at what this information can help you to achieve: 

  • You can find out what graphics options you should be using to get the right balance between visual beauty and performance. If your game is showing higher-than-needed FPS but the quality of the graphics isn’t good, you can turn up the quality a little and compromise a little on the FPS. 
  • You can see if you are hitting a particular FPS target that you want to achieve. This can be based on the refresh rate of your monitor or something else. Some players like to achieve frame rates that are higher than what their monitors can support as that can reduce input lag, hence making the gameplay feel smoother and more responsive. That can be done when you have the FPS counter in front of you to see if you have some room for improvement. 


Popular games like Counter-Strike can be very competitive, even if you are not playing in an actual tournament. There is so much to consider when playing such a title that you need to be on top of everything if you want to excel at it. Skills can only take you so far though because if your gameplay is not smooth, chances are you’re going to lose to a player who is enjoying quicker response times. That is why many players like to see FPS counters on their screens while playing a title such as this one. Not only does that provide crucial information about how your game is running but it also lets you change the settings here and there to achieve the best possible performance


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