Stop Recurring Payments on Wells Fargo Bank

How to Stop Recurring Payments on Wells Fargo Bank in 2 Simple Ways

Using an automated payment option with wells Fargo for charges that are recurring is one of the best ways to pay off bills. But most of the time, what looks like an advantage can turn to be a huge turn-off. There are cases were bank customers have to pay but pay overdraft charges plus bank fees when there is no money in the account. Imagine being charged additional charges by a merchant when a payment is rejected by the bank. One of the best ways to resolve this dilemma is to stop recurring payments in your wells Fargo bank.


In the course of this article, we would show you practical ways that a Wells Fargo customer can stop any recurring charges in two ways;

1. Stopping Wells Fargo recurring Payment by Requesting a Stop Payment Order

You could also attempt to issue your Wells Fargo bank order for a stop payment. The order can be made on the telephone, in person, or in writing.

It is recommended to give your bank a minimum of three working days so that they can stop your next payment. In order to stop any future payments, it is possible to submit the stop payment request in writing. If Wells Fargo bank requests an order in writing, be sure you submit this in the first fourteen days of receiving the request.

If you need help canceling an account that you have set up with your bank contact customer service or the branch in your area to get assistance. When you create the recurring charge using your Wells Fargo bill payment service, there is no need to notify the merchant about your decision to cancel.

2. How to Stop Recurring Payment by Canceling Payment With the Merchant


This interesting step involves calling the retailer via phone and asking to speak to their billing team. Inform the billing representative that you don’t want to have automatic withdrawals of your payments directly from the Wells Fargo bank account.

In a bid to contact your merchant, you can write a letter to the merchant’s billing department. Then inform them that you will no longer allow automated withdrawals of the Wells Fargo bank account. This letter confirms the oral request you made to the billing agent, and also provides evidence the request is made in writing.

The letter should be sent to the billing department by using the contact information you receive through the agent. Keep a copy of your letter to prove that it was delivered to the seller along and your records.

Follow Up With Wells Fargo Bank

This last interesting step involves you making contact with the Wells Fargo bank in any of their branches in the United States of America. When you have revoked your authorization to continue debits that are recurring by the merchant, go ahead to notify your bank that you have made the request directly to the merchant.

You can speak directly to the bank’s customer support department or the branch manager, however, it is recommended to follow up with a letter written to the Wells Fargo Bank.

How to Stop Recurring Payments on Wells Fargo App?

Unfortunately, customers cannot stop recurring payments on the bank app, rather the two methods we stated earlier are the only possible ways to do so.

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