How to Skip Prologue in GTA 5

How to Skip Prologue in GTA 5 PS4, PC, Xbox and Android

At the start of the GTA 5 game, there is a prologue. Most gamers find this GTA 5 prologue annoying that is why they go to the far corners of the internet looking for a way to skip it. If you are here because you want to learn how to skip a GTA 5 prologue, then we have you covered.


What Is A GTA 5 Prologue?

GTA 5 Prologue
A GTA 5 prologue is the opening mission in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. These opening visuals are to highlight the main strategies of the gaming mission and gold medal requirements. It is important to note that at the start of the game, the gamer is prompted to go through the prologue, even if they have completed that part of the game.
Going through a prologue in this case can be due to the game not saving the game for story mode. Repetition of the prologue can be resolved by going through the prologue till you reach the house of Franklin, then you save the game.
One of the reasons why a lot of gamers want to get rid of the GTA 5 prologue is that it takes what they consider to be an awful lot of time- 20 minutes. The gamer knows that their prologue is over when they see a cutscene of Michael. Michael in the GTA 5 game is one of the major characters that sit in a therapy session.


How to Skip The GTA 5 Prologue

Truth is, it is not possible for a gamer to skip the GT5 prologue, whether you are playing with a PS4 console or your smartphone. The prologue takes an average of 20 minutes to complete, but you can race through it with the goal of reaching Franklin’s bed in 10 to 12 minutes. It is at this point in the prologue that you will get the first save point. After saving the game, there will be no need to go through the GTA 5 prologue again.

Interesting Facts About GTA 5 Prologue

The prologue is what helps beginner GTA 5 gamers to understand the game properly. With the prologue, you can easily get acquainted with the most important mechanics at work in the game. Some of which include; driving cars, playing characters, and partaking in shootouts.
The prologue 20-minute gameplay starts with you controlling Michael. You will need to get used to the in-game mechanics of the radar and enter the room where hostages are kept. The next step will be to choose your cell phone from the inventory and use it to unlock the access to the vault.
Go through the linear corridors to the vault and enter. Go to the table by the game and collect money. Up next, you will need to attempt to leave the vault.
After this scene selects another character known as Trevor. Use this new character to kill the guard. Your character will then get into a car and travel. Along the way, you will be killing police officers till you reach your final destination.
Here you will wait for the crew, then drive to the helicopter pickup point. After reaching the pickup point, get back in the car and hold off the cops.


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