Sol In A Universal Time

How To Get Sol In A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox

Are you a fan of the popular Roblox game AUT? If so, then you know that one of the most important elements to success is having a healthy supply of Sol. There are so many stands that are available in A Universal Time ( AUT). One easy to get stand in the Roblox game is the Sol stand. This article is dedicated to a practical guide on how to get the Sol stand in AUT.


AUT is a popular Roblox game developed by Studio Wildcard that gained a lot of traction over the years. Players take on the role of a robot and battle against other players in an arena to obtain Sol. From ancient ruins filled with secret bosses and hidden treasures, to abandoned factories filled with mysterious secrets, there’s no shortage of excitement in AUT.

You can even team up with your friends or join trading groups or guilds for added fun!

What To Have Before Getting Sol In AUT

Before I get back and get a Sol stand, they need to have the Star Platinum Stand. To do this, drop your stand, then locate the Stand arrow and make use of it. Because the stand you get is random, you have to use it till your game character will be granted the Star Platinum Stand.

After getting the newly acquired Star Platinum Stand from the Stand Arrow, it is time you find Dio. This Dio is an NPC who players can find hanging around the forest. Alternatively, gamers can spend over 500 Robux to summon him outright. It is important to note that Dio is on a 30-minute respawn timer.


After finding him, defeat Dio at the Star Platinum Stand. After he has been defeated, he will pose a question, “Do you wish to know the cosmos?” Your answer will be “Yes.” This will start the Creation of the Cosmos quest and set you on the path to receiving Sol in AUT.

To complete the Creation of the Cosmos quest, AUT gamers need to:

  • Engage in 5 Timestop kills
  • Deal 5000 damage with Star Platinum Stand
  • Block 1500 damage with Star Platinum Stand
  • Kill Dio with Star Platinum Stand

Also worth knowing is that killing Dio for the second time comes with its own precondition. In a bid to complete that objective, make sure the Tales of the Universe Book is equipped. If you defeat Dio in the correct manner, he will pose the same question to the player again, “Do you wish to know the cosmos?” By answering with “Yes,” Roblox A Universal Time will award you with the Sol Stand.

Sol Abilities and Damage

Here is a breakdown of Sol Abilities and damage:

  • Stand Summon: When the gamer presses the Q button, it summons the Stand but doesn’t do any damage.
  • LMB Combo: With this move, the gamer clicks the Left Mouse Button. This makes Sol throw 4 punches, the first three will deal of 9.25 damage, while the last punch does 30 damage.
  • Teleport Barrage: The gamer will need to Press E to move the cursor towards the opponent. After this, your player and Sol will teleport toward the opponent while dealing 4 damage in each strike and 10 for the final punch.
  • Intangible Punch: The gamer will Press the R key. Afterwhich, Sol will charge a blue forcefield sphere on its right fist. Sol will throw the punch after 3 seconds, dealing 50-60 damage while also knocking back the enemy.

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