How To Get Into A Sorority In BitLife 

Bitlife is an interesting simulating game with a lot of interesting perks. There are certain tasks and indulgences that make Bitlife a must-play. And one of them is getting into a sorority in Bitlife. If that’s why you are here, we’ve got you covered. In the course of this article, we will be taking you through a guide on how to get into a sorority in the Bitlife game.


What Is A Bitlife Sorority?

A sorority in Bitlife is an in-game society that works like a simulation of real-life sororities that you can join in college or university. This is why the only way a player can join one is by being in education in Bitlife. Also worth noting is that you have to leave the sorority in Bitlife the moment you graduate.


Practical Guide On To Joining A Sorority In Bitlife

First off, a gamer needs to know that in order to join a sorority in Bitlife, you need to be a woman, or a graduate from high school, and then visit a University. Once your female character is into college, you can head to the school menu and get into a Sorority. When you are allowed to rush, they will ask you a question, which if you get, you are in.
The gamer should also bear in mind that an interesting part of joining a Sorority is your looks. The Bitlife gamer will need to have at least 80% in looks statistics so that they will have high probability in joining a sorority. This is why the gamer needs to make the Bitlife character to go for walks, head to the gym or salon, wax, and even tan. This simulated lifestyles will help to raise the looks of your character.
Then while you are keeping the looks in check, you will need to make your way through your early life and then graduate from High school. This part of the game is very easy, as it will involve the gamer tapping through various events that will take place on your way to college. You can opt to go to the university any way you wish; either by a scholarship, a student loan or your parents help.
The moment that you are in college, simply head to the school tab and then go to the University in Bitlife. The reason for this is that you can only join a sorority on campus.
When your game character is in college, go to the school tab and head to university. There you will find the sororities options. Select the one you like, and with the best looks, you will be set to join. Before your Bitlife character joins a sorority, there are some questions that will be asked. When your Bitlife character gets them right, they will be set to join a sorority.

How To Leave A Sorority In Bitlife 

It is important to note that your life in Bitlife as a college student or University student is fleeting. You will be automatically made to leave sorority if you drop out of college activities. When your Bitlife character heads into the adult world, your time in Sorority is over.


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