How to Get Fly in Pokemon BDSP

How to Get Fly in Pokemon BDSP, Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon BDSP, also known as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl is an interesting pokemon game that allows gamers to learn different types of moves. Players can learn these different moves through leveling up, evolving, or through TM’s. In Pokemon BDSP, there are moves known as HM Moves, that allow players to do some tasks in a bid to progress through the game. One of such interesting move is the Fly TM/HM move in Pokemon BDSP. In the course of this article, we will show you a practical guide on how to fly in pokemon BDSP.


Practical Guide On How To Fly In Pokemon BDSP

Fly is a feature in Pokemon that allows players to Fast Travel to any city they want to go to or any city they have been to before. It is a cool option in Pokemon, but cannot be used to teleport to unexplored locations.

For a gamer to get the TM Fly in Pokemon BDSP, they will need to, first of all, defeat the third Gym Leader, who is known as Maylene, in the Veilstone City.

After defeating the Gym leader, the gamer will then proceed to get the Gym Badge. After using your game character to exit the Gym, Dawn or Lucas will approach you. Either character will ask you to help them in a doubles battle against 2 Galactic Grunts.


The battle against these Galactic Grunts will take place at the North of Veilstone City, you will see either Dawn or Lucas waiting for you next to the Galactic grunts. The player will then need to engage them in battle and defeat two of them.

After beating them, one of them will run inside of a building. This building is known as the Galactic Warehouse. When the player enters the building, they will find a Pokeball on the floor. On picking up the Pokeball, you will find out that it contains the TM Fly. The gamer will then proceed to leave the Warehouse and start using Fly.

What Can A Pokemon Gamer Do With Fly?

One of the most useful abilities in the Pokemon game is Fly. This ability allows players to revisit old towns and cities that you have been to before. It is important to note that Sinnoh is a big region and each town has unique NPCs so there are lots of reasons why you need to use Fly to get back to a town quickly.

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When A Gamer Can’t Use Fly In Pokemon?

In the Pokemon game, Fly cannot be used to move inside caves or buildings. So it cannot be used to escape from an inside area that you want to leave. Fly in Pokemon is an ability that is exclusive to the outside world. However, you can use Fly through the Poketch, and a random Pokemon will carry you to any location that you desire. This is why there is no reason to keep a Flying-type Pokemon for flying purposes.


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