How To Get Credit Card With no Income

How to Get Credit Card With No Income

Does getting a credit card require income proof? The short answer is “no”. It is possible to get approval for a credit card application without a source of income. Although it is possible to get a credit card without income, caveats are in place.


It is important to note that using a credit card when you don’t have an income to pay off your debt is a bad idea. Also using it to make purchases that you can’t pay for is worse. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to get a credit card without income. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Why Do You Need A Credit Card?

First off, most banks in America issue a credit card based on the monthly income of the applicant, alongside their credit history. The monthly income of an individual determines their capacity to repay the borrowed amount, and the credit history is a pure reflection of their moral behavior towards repayment of a credit amount.

One of the reasons you should have a credit card is because it is a necessary financial tool in modern times. If you have a short-term cash crunch, a credit card can help you out. They can be used to take care of minimalist expenses such as paying restaurant bills or making an online purchase.

When you use a credit card, it’s like taking an upfront, then making a repayment with your next month’s income.

5 Ways You Can Get A Credit Card With No Income

How to Get Credit Card Without Income

Credit card companies have the good intentions of offering almost every applicant a credit card; however, they cannot offer you one if you are not creditworthy. This is why you an applicant needs to keep a good credit score before applying for one.

Most credit card companies, also go all out to ensure how their applicants are going to repay, and after that, they can offer their applicants a credit card. Here are 5 practical ways to apply for a credit card without any income.

1. Applying For A Student Credit Card

This is not the most popular credit card option out there, however, some credit card providers do extend the facility. It is important to note that credit cards usually come with lower credit limits that can meet the requirements of students. However, these cards have limitations on usage, plus they require collateral for issuance.


As a student, if you don’t have any income, you would need to have the card issued against a fixed deposit or savings account of the credit card provider. Also worth noting is that most student credit cards come with low joining charges and annual fees.

2. A Credit Card That Was Secured Against A Fixed Deposit Account

Another interesting way of getting a credit card without income is by having it issued against a fixed deposit account. This fixed deposit account is what acts as the collateral for the credit card since you have no income.

The fixed deposit is, however, the only security that the issuer of the card can use. Most of the time, lenders usually cap the credit card limits at 75%=90% of the balance of the fixed deposit account balance.

3. Getting A Credit Card That Is Secured Against Mutual Funds

Just like credit cards that lenders secure with a fixed deposit account, there are lenders that use a mutual fund as security. The lender in this case can use the returns of the mutual funds of the defaulters to balance up the credit.

4. A Bank Account That Has A Sufficient Balance

It is important to note that there are credit card issuers out there that give cards to persons with a sufficient bank account balance.

If you are applying for a credit card without income, and your bank statements indicate that you have a healthy balance, and proper credit-to-debit ratio, you would get your card. The issuers of the credit card would expect you to make timely repayments with the available money in your balance.

5. Getting A Credit Card Without Income By Using An Supplementary/ Add-On Card

As the name implies, an add-on card is an additional credit card. If you are a primary cardholder, you can get a secondary card without any income. This is feasible if the first cardholder is a member of your family.

If that family member has a good credit history, you can benefit from it and apply for a credit card without income proof. In some cases, the supplementary/add-on credit card has the same benefits as the primary card.


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