How to Gamble and Drink Without Losing Your Shirt

How to Gamble and Drink Without Losing Your Shirt

In the beginning, when casinos started becoming mainstream, they only offered games to be wagered upon. In the past 50 years or so, such casinos like real money casino Australia have transformed immensely, contributing to the 50+ billion dollars worth the casino industry is valued at today. Besides gambling, casino-goers can enjoy their favourite drinks at their preferred casinos.


Moreover, most of those drinks are available courtesy of the house. All these additional services and amenities provided by casinos have made them increasingly popular holiday destinations. In Vegas, for example, 40 million tourists flock to their casinos annually. Casino tourism is becoming a significant income earner for governments with lenient gambling legislation.
Although it is common knowledge that rigorous undertakings shouldn’t accompany drinking, gambling is an exception.

Casinos are meant to be fun, and what better way to enjoy oneself than gambling while sipping cocktails? This write-up will explain how to gamble and drink without losing your shirt. So, would you like to be informed on ways in which you can engage in gambling while drinking without losing all your hard-earned money? Continue reading and find out.

Create a Gambling Budget and Set Limits

Every endeavour that requires financing demands one to set aside a budget and have a sound financial management plan for the encounter to be a success. Gambling is not immune to this cardinal rule. To make sure you never lose your shirt while drinking in the casino, one needs to have a separate bank account for casino purposes only. Keeping track of the inflow and outflow of funds in the account makes it possible to gamble and drink without running out of finances.

For those who like carrying cash to casinos, it is advised to have what you plan on using for the day. ATM withdrawals at casinos should be highly frowned upon as they come with exorbitant withdrawal fees.

Consequently, when making budgets and creating accounts, it is suitable for a gambler to set the maximum limits on the amount of money they can use from said accounts. This ensures that people don’t overspend and only lose what they can afford to do away with. When wagering and drinking at the casinos, one should always consider the amount they have set aside on their gambling bankroll. For instance, one should never place a wager where they risk losing 5% of their total budget in a single bet. The beauty of setting limits is that you know it’s time to leave your drinking and gambling whenever you hit the upper ceiling

Go Easy on the Free Alcohol

Nowadays, casinos are huge on giving their patrons freebies. Who doesn’t love free things? Some casino-goers are there for the free drinks in the house. However, the ardent gambler knows that there is nothing free about casinos. Whatever gamblers get in free booze, they return it in kind at the tables. Casinos haven’t gotten to being ranked at the top of the hospitality industry by giving out freebies to customers. Let’s look at some of the casinos that are generous with free alcohol to gamblers.

  • The WinStar World Casino
  • The Venetian Macao Casino
  • The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
  • The City of Dreams Casino
  • The Rio Casino Resort

Although we have already established that drinking and gambling can go hand in hand, drinking in moderation is highly recommended when visiting casinos like the ones mentioned above. A few glasses of complimentary champagne may be the difference between having a great time at the casino or going home with borrowed taxi fare. You know you’ve had enough of free booze, and it’s time to leave when:

  • You experience mood swings.
  • You start arguing with casino staff.
  • You feel the urge of staying longer than planned
  • You feel the need to drink more

Play Games You’re Conversant With

It is a well-known fact that alcohol impairs judgment. Excessive alcohol consumption while gambling is a recipe for disaster as it will tank all your finances. Since casinos offer a wide variety of games, this has always been proven true by drunk gamblers who place wagers on every table or slot machine they come across. They end up losing everything. For a superb casino experience without losing your shirt, a drinking gambler is always advised to wager on games they are familiar with.
If you are a professional at a particular game, you have all the winning tricks up your sleeve, and drinking while on it doesn’t affect your chances of winning. For example, full-time card counters have impeccable skills and beat the casino while drunk. Average gamblers with no preferred game should enjoy their liquor in small doses as they place wagers to minimize the chances of losing.

Play For Fun

Recreational casino enthusiasts have the best encounters from gambling while drinking. Unlike the professional gamblers who view casinos as a job, recreational gamblers are in it for fun. If you wish to drink and gamble, it is always recommended to do it as a pastime. This way, one only uses what they intend to spend, and they have a good time without the risk of wasting extra money. Gambling and drinking are a deadly combination for pros, as one can lose track of their finances while chasing the big win. Professional gamblers who drink on the job are highly likely to become compulsive gamblers, which has damaging effects on their finances and life in general. Some of the consequences of pathological gambling include.

  • Poor mental health
  • Bankruptcy
  • Unemployment
  • High chances of affected persons engaging in criminal activities
  • Substance abuse

Know When to Break Off

The blend of gambling and drinking has its merits and demerits. When practised well, as we have seen earlier, casino pundits have the best time of their lives without endangering their entire life savings. However, excessive drinking while engaging in casino activities can be detrimental; it is a recipe for financial disaster.

Punters should always observe moderation whenever they fuse drinking and gambling. Furthermore, if the combination of free drinks and gaming isn’t working for you, it is always better to quit while you’re ahead. Quitting gambling and drinking is a win in disguise since a gambler does not run the prospect of losing everything in the future. So as not to lose your shirt at casino tables while enjoying mojitos, breaking off before it happens is a smart option.

Bottom Line

It is important to note that all casinos are out to make the maximum profits they can manage to lay their hands on. The house edge enjoyed by casinos over punters ensures that. Therefore, every casino aficionado should visit casinos to have fun and not make a living. Drinking and gambling are the surest ways to have a good time at the casino. As explained above, when it’s done right, one may even walk away with some additional finances.


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