Relationship Stronger With Gaming

Here Are 6 Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger With Gaming

We have all heard of horror stories when it comes to relationships with gamers. They never want to spend time with their partners. They only care about their games and the imaginary relationships that come with them. But, what if we were to tell you that video games can make your relationship even better? Here are six ways you can use gaming to make your relationship stronger. 


Spend Time Together

Gaming is a great way for you and your partner to spend time with each other. It allows you to spend some much-needed time together as you play your games. Whether you are both playing single-player games and encouraging each other in your ways, or you are tag teaming it in a collaborative two-player environment to help you get through the game in the best way possible. Playing video games is a great way for you and your partner to spend time with each other. 

Improve Your Communication

Playing two-player games takes a lot of skill and, of course, communication. Unlike a one-player game where you can somewhat rely on the computer to help you get through the challenges, you need to be able to rely upon your partner to help you get through the puzzles. This of course relies heavily on being able to communicate with each other effectively. By playing two-player games with each other you practice your communication skills and ultimately become better at being able to effectively communicate with your partner. 

Improve Your Mental Health

Playing video games can help to release the hormones oxytocin, and dopamine that can help improve your mental and emotional health. For example, dopamine, the pleasure hormone, can be released when you reach an achievement such as completing a difficult puzzle. Oxytocin, the love chemical, can be released when you spend time with someone you care about, even over the phone or through a screen. 

Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

Video games often involve many kinds of puzzles and riddles that require you to think through problems quickly and efficiently. This means that you and your partner will frequently need to work together to figure out the best solution for these concerns. By working together to find the best solutions to these issues you will learn how to handle issues more efficiently in real life. 

Invoke a Healthy Rivalry

Rivalry can be good in a relationship. A healthy rivalry is something that encourages you and your partner to become better and more efficient as time passes. Video games are a great place for collaboration, but they’re a place for competition as well. When you and your partner start to play the same game separately you can both compare your progress and encourage each other to get further and further into the game. 

Discover Shared Interests

Playing video games together can help you and your partner discover your own shared interests. For example, you may find that you both enjoy the same comedy or decorative styles and would have never even guessed that you both enjoyed it. Or you may find that a game you always assumed you wouldn’t like that they loved would become one of your favorites. There are many more ways that video games can help you discover potential shared interests with each other, but these are just a couple of examples of that. 

Here Are Our Favorite Games For Couples to Play

With so many ways you and your partner can improve your relationship with each other by playing video games together, you may want to get started with planning out your next video game date night. However, you may need help determining what game you would like to play with each other. Here are a few of our favorites for you and your partner to enjoy together. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is one of the most successful game franchises Nintendo has ever created. It has a simple, laid-back playing system that’s all about living your day-to-day life. You and your partner can both start your own game, decorating as you please. Then whenever you feel like it, you can visit each other’s islands. Cause chaos, talk with the villagers, and even enjoy a little in-game date with each other. 

The Untitled Goose Game

The Untitled Goose Game is a great game for single players, but the two-player version is even better. Cause double the amount of chaos as you and your partner run around town as geese. Torment the townsfolk, chase small children into puddles, make a giant mess, and so much more. This is a great game for any couple who just wants to enjoy a good laugh with each other.


Bokura is a game that is all about cooperation and communication. Although you are both playing the same game, what you see on the screen may look completely different. To reach the end of the level you and your partner need to work together and communicate exactly what is happening with each other. The level of communication needed for this game makes it a perfect game to play between partners.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an indie game available across all platforms made by “Concerned Ape”. It is a game in which you are given a parcel of land by your grandfather that you take and turn into your ideal piece of farmland. You can also talk to the townsfolk, battle monsters in the mines, go fishing, and much more. Stardew Valley also has a co-op mode where you and your partner can work together to create an ideal piece of farmland and can even get married to each other. 

Making Gaming Work For You

None of this is to deny that gaming can never be an issue in a relationship. It certainly can. People feel hurt and disrespected when:


  • Their partner constantly rejects time with them in favor of gaming
  • Spending money on or in games causes financial troubles
  • Their significant other becomes moody or angry over video games
  • In-game chat becomes inappropriate (sexist, racist, flirting with other gamers)
  • They are stuck with household responsibilities because their partner is gaming


Likewise, someone who enjoys gaming isn’t going to react well to being nagged or ridiculed for their interest. These tips may help you have a healthy relationship when one or both of you is a gamer.

Be Open About Your Feelings And Interests From The Start

There are people who simply can’t imagine being in a relationship with a gamer. It’s just going to be a dealbreaker for them. Likewise, a passionate gamer may be better off with someone who is at least somewhat interested in their hobby. If gaming is an important part of your life, let people know that. If you loathe gaming and gaming culture, that’s something to be open about as well. You could even use a dating app like Hily to find someone who shares your feelings about gaming.

Encourage Independence

Healthy couples have separate interests that they pursue outside of their relationship with one another. When one person engages in a hobby like gaming, the other doesn’t get upset or angry. They simply use that time to do their own thing. Both of you are less likely to feel jealous or frustrated if you don’t constantly rely on one another for company and entertainment.

Respect Each Other’s Interests

You don’t have to share your partner’s interests to respect them. Don’t mock or ridicule their hobbies or dismiss them as being unimportant. Also, it’s okay to expect the same level of respect for your interests.

Discuss Issues Productively

Sometimes gaming becomes an issue. When that happens, it doesn’t help to be accusatory or defensive. Instead, use a collaborative approach and treat it like a problem to be solved together.


Start by using the “I” language. Say, “It hurts my feelings when I have to do all of the household chores because you seem to be hyper-focused on gaming every night.” instead of “You expect me to do all of the work around here while you play games!”.


Ask to work together on ground rules and boundaries that don’t make anyone feel infantilized. For example, your partner may not respond well to being told they can only game for an hour a day. But, they might respond positively to a suggestion that the two of you commit to spending an hour of quality time together each day.

Embrace Having Fun With Your Partner!

Whether it’s gaming, cycling, traveling, or something else, it’s so important to have shared interests with your partner. This is a way to share positive experiences, bond, and simply have fun together.


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