Held At Post Office At Customer Request

Held At Post Office At Customer Request 2024 Meaning and Explanation

As a USPS customer, have you ever gotten the tracking update “Package Held at Post Office at Customer Request?” if you have, and do not know the meaning, then we will guide you through. In the course of this article, we are going to explain the meaning of this message and the reasons for getting it.


The Meaning of Held at Post Office at Customer Request

“Held At Post Office At Customer Request” simply indicates that a USPS customer made a request to the USPS to hold the package at the post office so that it can be collected in person. It is important to note that this message can also show up when you do not request it.

This occurs mostly when the recipient of the package is not around or is on vacation. Oftentimes, USPS users can also make this request for security reasons.

What to do if you get “Held at Post Office at Customer Request”  

If you get this message without making the request to the USPS, then you have to wait for days. There is a high possibility that the USPS would deliver the mail to you. If they don’t deliver, and the tracking message is still showing, then you need to go to the nearest post office and get a valid identification card to get the package. If the issue gets out of hand, you can make contact with the USPS customer service hotlines.


In a bid to avoid this mishap from occurring, the USPS customer should always endeavor to enter the correct address of their Residence and had their mobile number. this is so that they will be contacted with ease should anything happen to the package delivery. Also worth noting is that if we are talking about the package holding at the post office, the USPS will make three attempts to deliver that package. If there is an occurrence of repeated delivery failure, the USPS will go on to hold the package for 15 days before they finally return it to the sender.

Reasons For Getting This Message Without your Requesting

As we stated earlier, it is possible for a person to receive this message without requesting it. Here are some practical reasons why you might have received this message:

  • There was a bad weather condition and the USPS could not deliver.
  • The USPS is looking for the correct address if you are not around.
  • If the courier vehicle of the USPS gets damaged or an accident
  • The package is bundled and confused with other additional packages from the USPS.
  • Maybe the USPS had a bad experience in your building.
  • It could also be due to technical difficulties that the USPS is facing.

Why USPS is one of the Best Courier Services

There is nothing new about the fact that the USPS is a very reliable courier service. The USPS handles a large volume of packages that come in and out of America daily. Even if the package in question is a very fragile one the USPS has your back.  Therefore, if you get the message that your package was held as your request, without you making the request you have nothing to worry about.


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