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Famous Slot Games from the Past 10 Years

The gambling industry has progressed at an incredible pace over the past 10 years or so. New games, new platforms, and new features have swept the world. And no aspect of the gambling industry has shined as much as iGaming.


For those who aren’t aware, iGaming refers specifically to the practice of gambling online for real money. Any and all forms of online gambling can be lumped in under the iGaming umbrella. And, when it comes to iGaming, the game that gets the most attention is the online slot machine.

What are Online Slots

Famous Slot Games

So, the first question many might have is “What is an online slot?” And the answer here is simple. Online slots are games that can be accessed online. Like land-based slot machines, they feature a reel, with multiple rows and columns. Once the player places down a bet and spins the reel, the rest is just a matter of luck.

The reason slots are so incredibly popular, both offline and online, is because they are possibly the easiest game to play. There is very little in the way of skill. In fact, no amount of skill can help you in at a slot game. In other words, the game is entirely based around luck.

Online gambling, and especially online slots, have been popping off recently. In European countries, like Finland, online casino websites are beginning to attract more and more traffic. The games found at these casinos are all excellent, and provide the player quite the entertainment.

However, what interests us today is what slots get popular and why. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most popular slots of the past 10 years, and delve into the reasons behind their fame. So, let’s take a look.

Movie-based Slots

The first two categories we are going to be taking a look at are entire groups of slots based on a different medium. In this first case, we have slots based on film. Movie-based slots have existed since the 20th century. However, it should come as absolutely no surprise to learn that in 2022, a hugely successful genre of slots online is the film-based online slots.

The why here seems obvious to us. A successful film begets successful merchandise. So, if you could base a slot machine around the film, fans of the film who are interested in gambling will undoubtedly try their hand at the slot as well. We’ve compiled a list of some rather successful online slot games based on feature films, which you can find here:

  • The Anchorman Slot
  • The Jumanji Slot
  • The King Kong Slot
  • The Alien/Aliens Slot
  • The Zorro Slot
  • The Planet of the Apes Slot

These only begin to scratch the surface of the film-based online slot industry. If you look carefully, we are certain you will find a slot based on an of the big-name, blockbusters that come out every year.

Video Game-based Slots

Like the film industry, the video game industry is incredibly huge. And, while films are undoubtedly bigger, some studies have shown that gamers are far more likely to gamble than non-gamers. So, obviously, the next step for iGaming was to expand their themed-slots into the realm of video games.


The funny thing here is that online slots could already be considered video games of a sort. So, basically what we have are video games based on video games. And the best part about it is that they are genuinely fun.

It is interesting to see what visual and audio effects the slot developers use to implement the video game’s gameplay into the slot. It is also interesting to see just how close the slot is to the source material, while still maintaining a certain level of originality and uniqueness.

In terms of popularity, we have looked it over and compiled a list of the most popular video-game-to-online-slots games as of 2022. The list is as follows:

  • The Tomb Raider Slot
  • The Call of Duty Slot
  • The Hitman Slot
  • The Zuma Slot

As with our movie-based slots list, these are only a few of the countless slots you can find based around video games. We should warn you, if you are a beginner, learn a bit about the industry, and how to handle it before you jump headfirst into one of these games.

Starburst Slot

Now that we’ve looked over the categories, let us focus on some individual slots. When talking about popularity of online slots, you can’t do much better than NetEnt’s Starburst. On first appearance, the slot is rather simplistic and quite frankly, not all that visually stimulating.

The symbols are just different-colored gemstones. We have sapphire, amethyst, amber, etc. The slot is peppered with the occasional Wild symbol as well, in this case taking the form of a Lucky Number 7. So, just what makes this slot so popular?

Well, apart from the excellent, smooth gameplay, and the bonus features that the slot brings, the simplicity is part of the appeal. Not to mention, Starburst is a graphic masterpiece. Released in 2012, it still looks like it could be a new game in 2022. So, it has visual appeal, gameplay appeal, and is simple enough for anyone to grasp. What is there not to love?

Book of the Dead Slot

The western world has had a fascination with Egyptian mythology and Egyptian culture going back to the Victorian Age. That fascination continued well into the 20th century, when the first land-based slots inspired by Egypt came to be. And it still continues to this day, which is why Book of the Dead remains the only slot capable of coming close to Starburst (and at times exceeding its popularity).

Created by Play’n’Go, the Book of the Dead slot is named after the Egyptian literary and funerary text of the same name, which describes the process of mummification and the beliefs that the Ancient Egyptians had regarding the afterlife.

The slot translates this to a fast-paced, action-archeology oriented game, in many ways taking ques from Indiana Jones and similar films. Stunning visuals, easy gameplay, and a clean reel, make this game one of the top contenders in the field.


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