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Evertale Tier List March 2023 | Best Characters Ranked

One of the best fantasy role-playing games out there in the market is Evertale. In this interesting game that was released back in 2019, over 180 monsters were featured.

In the game, the player is plunged into a fantasy world with a lot of monsters in it. It is important to note that only 8 characters can be selected in a team created by the Evertale player. It is also very possible to capture some of the monsters in the fantasy world and add them to your team.

When the player captures the monsters, they can go on to train them so that they can be used to have a go at enemies.

After using your team to win a battle, the player would be rewarded with gears that they can use in the game.  Another interesting fact about the evertale game is that in its multiplayer mode, the player can fight with friends from other parts of the world.

A player can also play in a player versus player scenario and win other interesting rewards. The Evertale game is a mobile-based game that is available in both the Google Playstore and the apple app store.
Coming down to the evertale mobile game, there are five interesting tiers that its game characters can be classified under.

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at the 5 groups that the game characters of the Evertale game can be placed under.

The S Tier Characters in the Evertale Game

Game characters that are found in this particular tier are considered as the best in the game. Did you know that each of the game characters in the S tier can individually carry a party? They all have good utility, plus there are only a few tactics that can be used to counter S-tier game characters in the Evertale game.

Here is a list of characters that you would find in the S tier of the Evertale mobile game.

  • Formaxos of the Fire element
  • Endless Rizette of the Dark Element
  • Ludmilla of the light element
  • Norza of the Storm element

The Tier A of the Evertale game

These are Evertale units that are seemingly close to the Characters that you would find in the S tier. The only thing with the units in this tier is that they need a good supporting cast in the game in a bid to shine.

Here is a list of characters that a gamer would find in the A tier of the Evertale game:

  • Altaireon of the Storm element
  • Elmina of the Dark element
  • Elmina of the light Element
  • Kaidoros
  • Kirin of the Light element
  • Ludmilla of the Water element
  • Merdain of the Dark element
  • Rolotia of the Earth element
  • Rizette of the Water element
  • Vonn of the dark element

Shirra of the Earth element

The Tier B of the evertale mobile game

This game characters can be seen as fairly good in the evertale game. They are best deployed in the game as a decent team. It is best to keep these game units if you ever come across them. They are best if the gamer is looking for units that can round up a party composition that they want to create.

Here is a list of game characters that an evertale gamer would find in Tier B:

  • Akatsuki of the fire element
  • Astrid of the fire element
  • Artemia of the light element
  • Finn of the storm
  • Druke of the Fire element
  • Lefay of the dark element
  • Lucius of the Light element
  • Maxima of the fire element

The Tier C of the Evertale game

These game characters are just good on an average level in some niche in-game scenario. It is best that a beginner avoids the use of these game characters as they are very weak. The use of these game characters needs to be well planned unless you indulgence would be futile.

Here is a comprehensive list of characters that you would find in Tier C of the Evertale game:

  • Grenzor of the water element
  • Alice of the light element
  • Nagi of the water element
  • Imran of the storm element
  • Rashnar of the fire element
  • Vesh of the Earth element

The Tier D of the Evertale game

These are truly the weakest game units of the evertale game. They are certainly outclassed by other game characters in other higher tiers. The only time a player is allowed to use these game characters is when they are in desperate need to get a game character to complete their party.

Here is a comprehensive list of the game units that you would find in the D tier of the Evertale game:

  • Orzachron of the storm element
  • Oumei of the earth element
  • Rei of the water element
  • Yuki of the water element

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