Common Collections Agency Review – Is Common Collection Agency Legit?

Common Collection is a Canada-based debt collection company that specializes in helping lenders to recover funds from borrowers. They do this with the aid of the contact information that was provided by the original creditor. It is important to note that they also work as a credit adjuster in Canada. They make use of advanced software and private investigators to reach out to delinquent borrowers.


In the course of this article, we will be doing a complete review of the Common Collection agency in Canada.

What Kind of Services Does the Common Collections Agency Offer?

Common collections agency is a twenty-seven-year-old Canadian-based debt collection company. The services that they offer have grown to meet the expanding needs of their clients. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be looking at the range of services this company offers:

1. Debt Collection

Common collections is a financial Canada based company that helps fintech companies to recover the money they lent out to borrowers in a targeted way. They help their clients to track down and find missed payments.

This way they help strengthen the cash flow of their clients. They make use of the best negotiation techniques and strategies to collect debts in a professional manner.

2. They Perform Skip Tracing and Asset Location

Another interesting job of this organization is its ability to investigate the individual debtors and their assets. They make use of the latest technology to effectively locate debtors in Canada.

How The Common Collections Agency In Canada Works?


Common Collections collects debts by making use of phone calls and letters to contact borrowers who are overdue repayments. They use a professional approach to convince debtors to repay the money that they owe.

Also worth noting is that Common collections make use of debtor’s assets, like brokerage and bank accounts to conduct their searches. Then they report non-compliant debtors to credit bureaus so that the debtors will be encouraged to pay what they owe or face damage on their credit score.

Factually, Common collections agency according to Canadian consumer protection laws cannot reach into a bank account, even if the routing numbers are known. CCA can only do this if a court order is obtained. If they win the case against the debtor in court, they will still not have access to the bank account of the debtor.

They will need to reach out to the employee of the debtor and their bank account before gaining access to their bank account.

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Is Common Collections AnLegit?

From customer reviews on and BBB, it appears that the Common Collections agency is legit. One customer commented: “ I had a great experience with Common collections agency. I was owing to a debt of over $2,000, and asked if I could pay half.” This customer in this review commended politeness and professionalism.

It is important to note that normally, debt collectors have a reputation for harassing customers.
Common Collections agency is a legit debt collection and credit adjustment company based in Canada. They have been enlisted on Crunchbase, BBB, DNB and their yelp reviews are positive. If you are a fintech, company Common collections agency is worth partnering with.


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