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All Clash Of Clans Promo Codes 2024 And How To Redeem Free Gems

One of the best strategy games that have gained traction over the years is Clash of Clans. This game can be best enjoyed with its promo codes. That is why gamers, whether new or old are in search of all Clash of Clan codes and a guide on how to redeem free gems. Worth noting is that this 10-year old game continues to be one of the top grossing games on play store. The Clash of Clan game is free to play, however, the in-game currency is called gems. In a bid to earn free gems, gamers fall back to Clash of Clan codes. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Guide to latest Clash of Clan Promo Codes 2024

Here is a guide to working codes that you can use to redeem free gems and progress your gameplay. At the point of writing this article, there were no working clash of clan codes. Whenever any codes become available, we at will be kind to update you. Do well to bookmark this page, in order to be notified of changes made to it.

Complete List Of Expired Clash Of Clan Codes









How to Can Redeem Free Gems

There is no official way to redeem free gems. However, a lot of third party sites claim that there is. Here is a guide suggested by a third party site:

  • Login to the game with your Clash of Clan account. It is important to note that there is no such thing, expect for the Supercell account.
  • Then head to the option labeled “settings”.
  • Proceed to click on the Redeem Gems button.
  • Enter your code to then redeem the afore claimed free gems.

How to get free gems 

The gameplay in Clash of Clans that gifts you free gems is the removal of obstacles. Some of these obstacles can range from bushes, logs, trees, rocks, and other event themed items. The Clash of Clans gamer is bound to get free gems for removing in –game obstacles.

Another way to get free gems is with the aid of the Gem Box. This is a rare obstacle that will appear in the village. Upon removing the gem box, the Clash of Clan gamer is bound to get 25 free gems.


It is important for a player to bear in mind that there are lots of fake codes that are circulating online. So it is best to avoid third party sites that ask for payments. There are gaming sites, and forums that will solicit for funds, while promising free gems if you input your account details. Kindly note that all these third party sites put your account and your credentials at risk. Avoiding them is your safest bet. Apart from third party sites, there are strangers lurking on Discord, claiming that they can give you free gems for real world money.


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