10 Best Grenade Spots On Dust 2

In the counter strike game, Dust 2 is one of the best and most popular in-game maps. This is why we took the pleasure to create a list of the best grenade spots for Dust 2.


Reviewing The 10 Best Spots On Dust 2

It is important to note that in the Dust 2 map, there are the A sites, the B sites, and the middle area of the map.

1. T-Spawn

It is important for a counterstrike gamer to note that the best grenade spots on Dust 2 is T-spawn. This grenade spot is also known as A Long. When in the T-spawn area, a gamer can establish a strong position over the A site. All you need to do is to know how to throw a grenade from T-spawn over the entrance of A long.
It is possible for the gamer to use their game character to stand up on the car that is in front of you at the A-long entrance, and then throw a grenade using the jump throw.

2. The Cross

Another interesting location for using a grenade in counterstrike is “The Cross”. The only challenge is that you cannot create a perfect smokescreen with a single grenade. This is why since the Cross location is wide, you can use your game character to stand next to the barrel and then aim the grenade so that it will reach over the roof the house and block the Cross.

3. Smoke X-box

The third best location for using a grenade in Dust 2 is the smoke X-box. This location is best known in the game as smoke X-box from spawn. The gamer will need to use their game character to come to every corner with the classic view model that is within the game. And now, the player should line the top of the right corner with a smoke grenade in counter strike. The game character will then become the awning on top of the corner and can also jump through it.

4. Smoke The Corner Flashover

This is the fourth-best site for using grenades in the Dust 2 map. The smoke is a flashover from the building corner. Suppose the game character has the best kind of long spawn, and wants to flash over the smoke from the corner, they would have to pass this wall and then the character can flashover the smoke.


5. From The Skylight

Another cool grenade spot is from the skylight. When a gamer is running out of the door, they can use a running jump throw to the middle one and throw the grenade down, so that it will hit everyone that is present on the spot. With this grenade explosion, the gamer can prevent his enemies from spotting them as they are walking out of the door.

6. Mid To A Short

One of the most interesting things about the Dust 2 map is going from mid to A short region. In this area of counterstrike, a lot of players get killed due to their negligence. However, what the player can do here is to stay back close to the wall and then throw a grenade so that it will land in the middle. After it lands in the middle, walk towards the door and with a reduced risk of getting hit by a sniper.

7. Rush B

Another good grenade spot in the game is the Rush B. It is a spot where any gamer would love to throw a grenade as it does not have a wide entrance. Also, the narrowness of this grenade spot makes it less likely to be hit by a sniper.
A gamer can throw a flash grenade which will blind every other person, and you can rush B without any hitch.

8. Short Stairs

In counter-strike, Short Stairs is a location on the dust 2 maps where you can throw a grenade at the site, and stop the counter-terrorist opponents from pushing through this location. However, it is important to note that they can still go through this location if it is on fire. This is why a gamer needs to be ready to fight, or else the advantage of this location will turn into a disadvantage.

9. B Main Flash

One of the coolest spots in the CS: GO Dust 2 map is the spot that is overseeing the B main. A gamer can throw a grenade at B Main and stop anyone that is trying to rush through B main. The counterstrike opponents will be blinded by the flash and you can easily eliminate them as they cannot take any cover.

10. Lower Tunnels

In the Dust 2 map, the lower tunnel is a great spot to eliminate players that are hiding or moving through the spot. The reason for this is that the player can target the grenade at the top of the tunnel and it will hit the left side middle part with great accuracy. Lower tunnels is a good grenade spot in the Dust 2 map.


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