Escape from Tarkov for beginners

Analysis of Escape from Tarkov for beginners

Tarkov is a battle royale project that strives for a high degree of realism, but with a focus on co-op with other players and single-player gameplay.


All your actions will be related to finding equipment and weapons, earning money and tarkov power leveling your account to gain a greater advantage in battle, opening new quests and increasing your gaming capabilities.


The first thing you will encounter in Escape from Tarkov is realism and imitation of full-fledged actions of fighters in difficult combat conditions.

You need to eat and drink, injuries can be fatal without proper medical attention, and even one bullet can kill you if you act recklessly and do not have the necessary protective equipment and a helmet.

You will hear all the effects of the battle 360 degrees around you with precise positioning – footsteps while moving through different territories and points, so that the player can determine the positions of the enemy even by ear.

You will learn to use different types of weapons, which will have their own ballistics of bullet flight, and you need to get used to shooting correctly and accurately, as well as economically, because there will not be an endless supply of ammunition.

Objects will have realistic shooting mechanics, which also needs to be understood when standing behind a tree and other fragile material that is shot through by automatic and sniper weapons.

Death is not the end of the game, but it is the loss of your character and all the equipment he currently has.

You will retain your leveling in Tarkov, but your character and equipment will be updated.


All the events that take place in the general and fictional city of Tarkov are tied to a fairly serious line in which the United States and Russia use private military campaigns so as not to transform the conflict into a full-fledged confrontation using regular armies.

You will be able to choose your side to confront ideological opponents and local bandits, with whom the disputed territories are simply overflowing, where the hunt for equipment, weapons, and money takes place.

Equipment and weapons

Your initial equipment will not be good enough for you to easily and safely carry out battles and raids.

You need to constantly look for weapons and accessories for them, cartridges and grenades, medicines, body armor and helmet, and a backpack.

To get it, you will enter neutral zones and look for abandoned equipment and attack representatives of enemy private military campaigns.

There is no point in attacking and collecting loot from bandits, because they use rusty and useless things from the point of view of improving your capabilities, and the number of enemies always carries the risk of your life, because if 20 bandits with rusty guns start shooting, then someone will get hit.

You need to find two types of weapons – an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.


This is the optimal set that will help you fight in literally any conditions.

For both options, you need to find magnifying sights, but without fanaticism.

A 4x scope will help for a sniper weapon, but is quite ineffective for an assault rifle – AK, or SCAR, due to too close proximity and the possibility of quickly losing the enemy from sight and most likely dying.

Try to look for a flame arrester or silencer – if you can hide the place of fire, then you greatly increase your chances of winning the battle and surviving, at least for the first few seconds of the battle, which is quite enough in many situations.

Remember that if you die, you will lose and gain everything again – this means that you should always strive to improve your gaming equipment, but be okay with losing it, especially since you will also take away good items from other players and the more you get used to in Escape from Tarkov, the more often this will happen.

Quests and tasks

You will interact with local NPCs and complete their tasks to receive leveling in Tarkov, earn rubles and dollars and other valuable items and increase the level of loyalty with them, which will bring various bonuses.

You may also discover unobvious opportunities, such as selling various home furnishings to the nurse and reducing the cost of medicines for this.

Each NPC is related to his faction and by helping him, you increase everyone’s attitude towards your actions, although of course the main motivation is experience and money, because they can be used to buy most types of equipment that such NPCs sell.

The equipment comes to them as looting so that players can buy it back and strengthen their combat capabilities.

Sorties and PVP

In Tarkov it is not difficult to find an opponent – the question is whether such a clash is appropriate, because both players risk literally everything at once.

You will see enemies during combat forays for equipment and weapons, or during targeted hunting.

Collect everything you can carry from killed enemies to sell or strengthen your own character, but avoid overloading your inventory, which will greatly slow down your movement speed and make you an easy target.

Wild character

For all players who do not want to risk their main character and all equipment, they can use special characters that are rented and used solely for the purpose of entering dangerous territory, collecting more equipment and valuable items and taking them to a peaceful zone to make them with yours.

A wild one is a neutral character who is not attacked by other players and bandits, otherwise they will receive a penalty and lose the trust of the merchant faction, which will not allow them to fully use the wild characters themselves.

The character will have disgusting and rusty equipment, which can be improved by increasing the level of trust with the faction and extending the total time that you are given to collect the necessary items, and lowering the rating, on the contrary, will reduce the total time of use and worsen the conditions.

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In Tarkov there is a special zone in which you can find the best equipment and weapons that are in the game, but to get there you need to find a special access card, which can be literally in any hunting zone, in any drawer, box, and so on.

This is a fairly rare type of loot, but all players have a chance of finding it.


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