Escape from Tarkov Promo Codes

Escape from Tarkov Promo Codes 2024

Most gamers wind up making purchases in the Escape from Tarkove game but do not have any promo codes that they can use to unlock their discounts.  If you are in search of escape from tarkov promo codes, then this article is for you.


In this article, we have reviewed a complete list of escape from Tarkov’ promo codes that a gamer can exploit to gain their discounts. Discounts are not the only thing that you would gain; the gamer would also earn some rewards and free stuff.

List of Escape from Tarkov Promo Codes 2024

Here is a definitive list of Tarkov promo codes that you can use to make a purchase in the escape from Tarkov game.

20902FN362 – the player would get a bonus of about 30% in the game with this promo code
Kazam  – the Escape from Tarkov player would get a full refund by using this promo code to play-a though this lasts for a shorter period of time.

UZZFEED– there is a 10 % bonus that is attached to the use of this promo code in the game.

8A6E2D3A. the use of this promo code in Escape from Tarkov would give the player a bonus of 10% discount upon their first order.

SAVE 15% OFF– there is a 15 % bonus on any purchase that a gamer makes with this code when the spend is above $70.

23% OFF– this is a nice code that can give a player a huge 23% discount on a new order or upgrade.

20% Cash back -is another interesting promo code that can be used to get a huge 20% bonus on any purchase that is made in the game.

25% Off– this is an interesting promo code that can be used


NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU– this is a particular promo code that can give a user a 30% discount on order in the game.

SEM140– this is an interesting promo code that can be used to give a player a 30% discount should they make a spend that is above $70.

pcnK2s– also, this code gives the players a 30% off when you spend above $75  in the escape from Tarkov game.

WORK30– this code gifts the gamers at least a 30 % discount if they should make any purchase in the game.

Majority of these codes in the game can be used to unlock certain discounts in the escape from Tarkov game.

Let us move on learn some other interesting facts about the Escape from Tarkov Video game.

Interesting Details About the Game Plot of the Escape from Tarkov Game

For newbies, the escape from Tarkov game is a game that is designed to look like a cool first-person shooter game with a game plot that is adventurous.

There is a non-stop war that is going on in the region of Tarkov, and this has caused the local populace to flee the city. After getting to accept the reality about their new locale, the locales also known as “Scavs” have entered well-armed gangs and started the redivison of the city of Tarkov.

As a gamer of the Escape from Tarkov game, you would need to leave in the skin of one of the mercenaries of people who survived the early stage of the Tarkov conflict. The player would have to choose either the USEC side or the BEAR side in the game.

According to the game plot, Tarkov is actually a city that is sealed off by the Russian Military and the United Nations.

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Fun things that you can do in the Escape from Tarkov game

The game plot of the game is story-driven and can be played in a multiplayer mode. All you need to do is to complete the raids in the game in a large-scale location on your own or with your friends and this can be as fun as pay by phone casino.

  • In the game, you can also explore unique and authentic locations of the Tarkov city and its interesting surburbs. A gamer can also enjoy the outlook of the chemical plant, AA military base private living zone, and other interesting weather conditions.
  • You can also enjoy in-game tasks that would make you to discover concealed locations in the game. Some of such locations include; reserved facilities, underground warehouses, and stocks.
  • The Escape from Tarkov gamer can also find important information that would help them to get a grip of what is happening in the city.
  • Finally, the game plot is designed in a way that a gamer can cooperate with ex-enemies that would make them change their priorities in a bid to unfold the mysteries and escape from Tarkov alive.

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