Tips to Make Communication Workflow

10 Best Tips to Make Communication Workflow During COVID Period

We all witnessed that during the period of COVID, we have spent more time on Skype, Zoom, and on other mediated platforms instead of interacting with the people outside. At such times, we should enhance our skills and make online communication better by all means.
Now the question arises, are your presentation skills good enough to beat the level of face-to-face communication? This could be possible if you use some effective ways and practice your presentation skills using free animation software. This article is covering up the best tips that can make the workflow of communication better during the pandemic.


Tip 1: Use Animated Videos

Unfortunately, the time of PPT slide videos is long gone. People find the still images in PPT slide videos non-attractive and replace them with animated videos that probably use moving videos. Animated videos are considered the most up-to-date way to make communication good. We can use as many effects, animated characters, and movements in animated videos to make it more fascinating and attractive.
It is not easy for everyone to make video content, although using the best-animated video maker is all you need. Doratoon is known as the best animation maker software that allows you to make customized videos using millions of templates, stock footage, royalty-free animations, props, backgrounds, etc. No matter if you want a video presentation for educators, marketers, entrepreneurs, Doratoon is here to help.

  • AI Intelligent Drawing: Users can adopt AI-based drawing tools to make the best and most interactive animated characters with pre-designed photos and sketches.
  • AI Intelligent Dubbing: AI Intelligent Dubbing uses the AI synthesis tool to change text into audio easily.
  • Animation Effects: Use animation effects offered by Doratoon to develop lively characters for your animations. Customize the effects with the appropriate tools.

Once you make a fascinating video using Doratoon, the next step is to record it in good visuals. The recording tool that comes to mind is SOOMUS which handles the live screen interaction of you and your visuals. All you need to do is, upload your Doratoon animated video in SOOMUS, and it will use your video as background. You can then record your video presentation and make it more attractive and engaging.

  • Change Background: You can easily change the background of the presentation to make it look professional.
  • Presentation Modes: Use the different presentation modes across your presentation to make it look interactive according to the available audience.
  • Use Pointer: Annotate the important points across the presentation with the Pointer tool.

Tip 2: Create a Communication Plan

Make a plan that will describe the needs of the audience. For instance, what kind of information does your audience need? What content will make your presentation attractive to the audience? What is the whole purpose of your presentation? How can you engage with your audience during a presentation? The solution to all these questions will make a communication plan that should be ready before giving the presentation.

Tip 3: Eradicate Uncertainty

It is important to increase the internal communication frequency and volume so you can continuously manage to communicate with your audience and get their feedback. For this purpose, always ask your audience about the purpose of communication and the objectives of the communication to make it better for the next time.

Tip 4: Prepare for Queries

We should always get prepared for the questions for our audience so that we don’t trust and make them as clear as we can. Prepare the whole concept of the presentation, and don’t make it obvious that you just prepared the content written on the slides. Because we never know what is going to be asked.


Tip 5: Engage With Your Audience

It is the most important part when you are communicating with your audience while presenting. The audience could include those who have never listened to the respective topic or those who are not interested in whatever you are presenting. The main thing is to engage with the audience, and this can be done by telling them some relevant and interesting stories or by asking them about something during a presentation.

Tip 6: Be Concise

The basic communication strategy is to keep yourself concise, which means being simple in what you are saying or presenting. Never confuse your audience with tricky words and content. Make the presentation as simple as you can and use the most appropriate words to make the presentation content understandable for your audience.

Tip 7: Keep Yourself Available

Your audience probably has questions, so don’t show them that you are done with the presentation, and it’s time to end the session. Always try to give proper answers to the questions of your audience and make them feel that you are available for their queries.

Tip 8: Be Understandable

Never neglect or ignore the personal needs of your audience and make yourself more understandable for your audience. It could be a matter that some of the audiences are stressed, and some of them are worried about something, so try to be more empathetic to those ones. This is also a sign of a positive impression in front of your audience.

Tip 9: Audience Involvement

It is necessary to involve your audience once you are over with what you are presenting. You have to give confidence to your audience so they can ask the queries and clear their thoughts about the specific point. This can also be done in a way that you ask your audience whether they have any questions regarding the whole presentation or not.

Tip 10: Keep Up Your Honesty

Your audience likes you the way you are being honest and transparent while giving the answers to their questions. You should never deliver wrong information to the audience because not all of them are unaware of the information you are providing. This will definitely leave a negative impact on you on the audience.

Wrapping Up

In the mandatory quarantine, the whole world transfers their work or education to mediated platforms. The above article was all about the tips that we must use to make communication workflow better during times of pandemics.


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