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Essential Tips for Finding Free Vector Images For Commercial Use

The web provides plenty of vector images from countless websites featuring high-quality AIs, SVGs, and PDFs. But once you start looking for free vector images that you can use without restrictions, especially commercially—countless nuances and usage limitations may appear. This article sheds light on elaborate rules for using vector images in commercial projects and explains where you can find free HD vector graphics. 


How to find free vector images for commercial use 

Before you start looking for free vector images to use commercially, it’s good to have a clear idea of your final project. Is the vector image you looking for generic? Are you ok with attribution? For some commercial projects, it might be easier to find free vector graphics than to pay for premium material. For example, you can use the vector images under the Creative Commons Attribution license when you don’t mind having the image author’s name on your printed poster or in a presentation. In addition, some online vector images are copyright-free, meaning you can use them almost unrestrictedly, even for your commercial projects.  

On top of that, different stock image libraries give you freebies for becoming a registered user. Creating an account allows you to freely download a limited number of paid vector images for your non-commercial and commercial projects.

Finally, for Apple or Android users, certain stock image apps give an even wider choice of free vector graphics which they can use commercially. As long as the project bringing them money is limited to the web, they don’t have to pay. 

Where to look for HD vectors fit for commercial purposes 

Multiple websites allow you to use their vector graphics commercially, and each of them might have different image licensing terms. Here are three top-quality stock image libraries and their website-to-website regulations. 


Depositphotos offers over 230 million royalty-free images, videos, and audio content, including 70,000 free files. Vectors, available in SVG and EPS formats, can be used non-commercially and commercially. You only have to input keywords into the search box and adjust the advanced search filters to get desired results. Also, you can use the Search by Image tool to find similar, licensed vectors in the library, in case you already have a visual you want to use. Attribution for free Depositphotos images is compulsory. The platform allows you to find content for thumbnails in a matter of minutes. The platform’s content curators systematize files into multiple seasonal collections and thematic categories so you can easily find visuals. Advanced search filters allow you to adjust browsing results according to your specific requirements.

Advertisements offers an AI-powered tool at that accurately and automatically removes image backgrounds. AI-based algorithms will automatically recognize the main object and erase the background. You don’t have to pay to use the tool and can process an unlimited number of images. You can head right away to editing your photos at

To download chosen images, you must first register on the platform. Moreover, you will get a free 7-day trial with 10 complimentary downloads of premium images after registration.


Freepik is an extensive stock content library that features all types of free images, including vectors. Just click on Vectors in the top menu bar to get to the graphics gallery, and choose the Free license in the Filters section to browse only complimentary files. To use the downloaded vector commercially, you must attribute the author. 

However, when a picture has a little crown icon in the upper left corner, you can download it only as a registered paid user. A paid account allows you to download and use 6+ million vectors commercially without crediting their author. You can choose from moderately priced yearly or monthly packages. 


Pixabay offers numerous free vector files, which you can use for commercial projects without attributing the author. Click on Vectors in the top menu bar, enter keywords into the search box, and browse the available files to look for AI and SVG vector images. 

The Pixabay license allows you to use downloaded images digitally and for print material. However, you cannot resell files on other platforms or sell unaltered printed image copies. Also, there is a possibility to donate to image authors via PayPal if you want to thank them. 

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Stock image websites and applications usually allow you to commercially use their free vector graphics, which may seem unrestricted. However, there are always additional rules and nuances behind every image license that you must carefully check. Explore different stock content marketplaces to define which library fits your needs and provides enough high-quality vectors for your commercial design projects. 


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