Guide to Successful Strategic Marketing

Step By Step Guide to Successful Strategic Marketing Planning 

Marketing is getting more popular nowadays. We can see everywhere we go: from making tiny grocery purchases to very expensive luxury goods. Smart marketing planning can actually make you buy something without you actually knowing it was promoted to you. This is the main goal. It is a special art of marketing to advertise and promote something without you even knowing it. Make its product or service associated with the industry. It is an art to make your customer want and maybe even compete for the new awaited release. It is a true art that can work very thoroughly for you and bring business to the greatest success. 


It is all about marketing

Marketing is not only popular on the market nowadays, but it is also becoming an ever more demanding major. More students are applying for this major at the university since they could become very demanded on the market afterward. Students are completing more and more assignments, research papers, and projects for various merchandise streams, strategic marketing assignment help is always available. If we look at university specialties – we will not only see the marketing as it is but most of the time for each specific industry. Promotion in IT is of course very different from promotion in manufacturing and wholesale&distribution. This is why students absolutely must understand at early stages not only the direction of their future studies but also the industry they most likely would end up in, which is more demanded and will be by the time they graduate. 



Key success strategies for marketing planning

  1. Customer research. To understand how to sell your goods or services – it is absolutely a must to understand your customer first. By social polls, and constant customer feedback tools you would understand how they ended up purchasing from you. You need to know what they did, what they looked at, and how they chose. Also important is to know why they selected you from all the competitors, which there are many in each niche. Was price a key factor, the packaging, or the brand’s social responsibility? 
  2. Knowing your competitor. There is huge competition on the market right now wherever you go. We live in a time of high competition and every business needs to know how to co-exist with competitors. To understand how to present your competitive advantages on the market – you need to know what exactly they do or do not do. There are agencies that help with marketing research, but the best would be to go through your competitor’s customer journey yourself and analyze what your product is lacking, or the opposite – advances. 
  3. Understandable messaging. Everyone needs to understand what you do. It should not be hard to read about your product and get to the point of your goal after a two-hour-long discussion. It should be easy, relatable, and understandable. There is a lifehack on the market – if you can pitch your product to an 8-year-old – you are ready to be on the market. Let’s see how that works. 
  4. Perfect timing. For marketing, it is crucial to be timely. If your advertising or a brand will pop up at the wrong time – it might create long-term hate and disrespect from the prospects. For example, it would be inappropriate to advertise your sweet desserts in a fitness hall where people go after hard training. They put so much physical and psychological effort into workouts and your product could just make it vanish. Perfect timing. 
  5. Goal establishment. Marketing specialists run dozens of marketing activities every week. For strategic marketing, you would need to know what each one of them would bring to your business. Defining ROI for each even tiny activity is a must to not spend thousands of dollars for something that is not working. Each of them should be analyzed before even launching and have the exact goals set expected from it. This is the way to define your expectations in advance, and not be disappointed looking at a low conversion afterward. 

All in all, marketing is a magnificent tool for a brand. Smart marketing could increase sales rapidly. But it is important to invest in it. The more money you put into it – the more people are getting to know your product and would buy it at some point. Building a brand, a name, and a reputation is everything. Marketing would just help to highlight the strengths and make your customer want it for it. Marketing helps you to be attentive to what your target audience actually wants when she wants to buy and in what packaging. It helps to adjust your services for the actual need and present it in a correct, understandable way. Sophisticated marketing could make your life easier and your brand more successful.

Author Bio:
Kathy Mercado works as a freelance marketing consultant. She assists businesses in creating and executing their content strategies with a focus on SEO, social media and email marketing. 


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